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At certain times of the year, competitions were held in Mecca and 38 ABDULLAH SAEED surrounding regions for poets and orators. Only a few texts were written; these included the eloquently and beautifully expressed Arabic poetry. Several famous poems were reportedly written and displayed in important places like the Ka ba. ammad began to preach his message in Mecca in 610 ce. The Qur a¯n is connected to that context, and many Qur a¯nic texts reflect the realities of that context. Muslims in general prefer to ignore the matter of context and argue instead that a close connection between the Qur a¯nic text and its sociohistorical context is not relevant to belief and interest in the Qur a¯n.

In his decision, Chief Judge N. Carlton Tilley, Jr. ruled: Approaching the Qur a¯ n simply cannot be compared to religious practices which have been deemed violative of the Establishment Clause, such as posting the Ten Commandments, reading the Lord’s Prayer or reciting prayers in school. The book does include Suras, which are similar to Christian Psalms. However, by his own words, the author endeavors only to explain Islam and not to endorse it. Furthermore, listening to Islamic prayers in an effort to understand the artistic nature of the readings and its connection to a historical religious text does not have the primary effect of advancing religion.

Was not the prophet Abraham a Muslim (“one who surrenders” to the will of God)? ammad to be accounted as a believer, on equal footing with every other? And so it came to be: the appeal to the Qur a¯n’s universalisms, expressive of its egalitarian ethic, prevailed. Thus Islam, although based on a message revealed in Arabic, was transposed to other cultures and climes, although it took centuries before the Qur a¯n itself was actually translated into other languages. This singular revelation became a universal scripture.

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