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By Joseph Gelfer

21 December 2012 used to be believed to mark the top of the 13th B'ak'tun cycle within the lengthy count number of the Mayan calendar. many folks believed this date to mark the top of the area or, at the least, a shift to a brand new kind of worldwide realization. studying how a lot of the phenomenon relies at the old list and what kind of is modern fiction, the publication explores the panorama of the trendy apocalyptic mind's eye, the economics of the religious industry, the commodification of countercultural values, and the cult of superstar.

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The previous four, each associated with a cardinal direction, were born from and powered by struggles between gods, and each ended when one god triumphed. This latest creation, on the other hand, is the Era of the Centre, based upon balance, sustained by blood-sacrifice, and it might just last forever this time. Further, the accounts explicitly tell us, this is it, there will be no sixth creation. León-Portilla says, “So long as this harmony continued, …the Fifth Sun would continue to exist…to move.

In fact, so far as we know, the Maya never mention destruction, nor even a change, on that fateful day. 01 (with a Calendar Round2 date 4 Ajaw 8 Kumk’u). 0. 0. 0 (its Calendar Round date will be 4 Ajaw 3 K’ank’in). 4 24 Van Stone This article shall sketch for the reader some of what pre-Columbian scholars and archaeologists know, or think they know, about Maya prophecies, creation myths, and attendant notions regarding the calendar. It isn’t much. I shall also sketch the considerably larger mass we do not know.

Early colonial accounts, such as those collected by Sahagún or Durán among the Mexica and their neighbours, and Landa’s Relación de las cosas de Yucatán. Later sources include the invaluable Quiché Maya Popol Wuh, the Ritual of the Bacabs, and the Yucatec Books of Chilam Balam. 8 • Modern ethnography conducted among traditional Maya communities, such as that of the Tedlocks in Momostenango (Tedlock 1982). • During the nineteenth-to-early-twentieth-century caste wars of Yucatán, their “talking crosses” made a number of prophecies about an imminent reckoning, which would sweep away Ladino and white interlopers and return the land to its rightful Maya owners.

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