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By Colonel S. L. A. Marshall

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This is genuine tale of mother or father regiment of the well-known "Band of Brothers" effortless corporation. because the tens of millions of yankee troops started their technique towards the forbidding German-defended Normandy coast, their comrades within the 82nd and one hundred and first Airborne divisions had already flown over the Channel and commenced shedding and gliding into enemy territory. The Airborne Divisions had a job severe to the luck of the whole Normandy Landings; past the preliminary seashore touchdown parts have been miles of flooded defended ditches and waterways. If the German troops controlled to shield those bottlenecks the americans on Utah seashore, on the severe correct of the operation, will be not able to maneuver ahead and can have foundered at the beach.The seize and retention of the 2 southernmost exits have been assigned to the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment; the plan used to be good thought-out and may have almost certainly have succeeded handsomely. but the drop of the 506th like many...

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Johnson lay quiet for a moment before cutting his way out of his harness. {2} He found a gate in the hedge and crawled through it on his belly. Then he lay for a few minutes in a roadside ditch, considering. He was next a road intersection. Opposite him, on the far side of the road, was a large building which looked like a chateau. His first impulse was to go over, rouse someone and ask the location. But he thought better of it, and later he learned that it was a proper instinct. For the chateau contained the local German headquarters.

The men of Company E went flat in the ditches almost instantly, and remained there, inert. The volume of the fire was such that after the first surprise shock, they remained pinned to earth and did not raise up even enough to answer fire with fire. Company F got no farther than Company E; in fact, the closest protecting hedgerow on the left flank was a little behind the hedgerow which gave partial protection to the men on the right. Ballard, who had come along behind his reserve company, was hearing only the vaguest reports from his forward line as to the source of the mortars and machine guns which had stopped the movement.

Ballard yelled to his officers to tell the men that there wouldn't be any more shorts and that he was again calling for the same concentration and making the necessary adjustment. They told him to fire away. The shelling continued. {13} His position at Le Barquette had not yet been put under any unusual stress nor were there yet definite signs of an enemy build-up. But Lt Hoffman, the assistant S-2 of regiment, told Ballard that Johnson wanted him to bring the battalion to Le Barquette along with ammunition, food and medical supplies.

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