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But not everyone agrees with this assessment. Some administrators say ExBPA is merely a stopgap tool that analyzes the potential for the incorrect deployment of Exchange. “Because there are so many ways that Exchange can be deployed, ExBPA is a required mechanism for Microsoft to reduce the cost of all of the support calls they’ve been receiving due to e-mail failures over the past six years, ever since Exchange 2000 was released,” one administrator told eWeek. Myerson noted that another challenge facing the development team is the fact that there are three primary audiences for the product: the IT decision maker or CIO, who is focused on cost savings, reliability, security and compliance; the administrator, who looks at complexity; and the user, who wants the most seamless experience across all his devices.

Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2 includes several architectural changes. The product will be available for production deployment using only the 64-bit version of the software, so 64bit-capable servers are a must. ) This beta also includes unified messaging capabilities with an embedded version of Microsoft’s Speech Server, allowing users to access their mailboxes and calendars from a phone as well as their voice mail from their e-mail client (provided their company has an IP PBX or VOIP gateway). Finally, the work Microsoft began with Exchange Server 2003 in terms of supporting multiple The main view in Exchange Server 2007’s MMC interface uses three panes to separate the organization tree, individual elements and actions.

26 e W E E K n J U LY 3 1 , 2 0 0 6 While Novell’s GroupWise is still used by some companies, it is being rapidly replaced with Exchange, which was designed for the enterprise, Thompson said. “Open-source platforms haven’t become that sophisticated,” he said. Thompson also said that in all his discussions with existing Notes customers, the reason they are staying on that platform is not because the mail and scheduling experience is better, but because of the applications that run on it. As such, Microsoft developed the Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino, which is used to evaluate a Lotus Domino application environment and to prepare with ExBPA scanning the environment and understanding what is and is not ready, and giving prescriptive guidance.

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