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Tackling Turbulence with Supercomputers or greater. Interaction of these nonlinear variables generates a broad range of scales, which can make solving the equations exceedingly difficult. Specifically, in turbulence, the range of the size of whirling eddies can vary 1,000-fold or even more. There are other complicating factors as well, such as global dependence: the nature of the equations is that the fluid pressure at one point depends on the flow at many other points. Because the different parts of the problem are so interrelated, solutions must be obtained at many points simultaneously.

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease Shrinkage of handwriting is a symptom in some people. The samples show writing when a patient’s medicine was working (top) and when it was not (bottom). ALFRED T. KAMAJIAN (concept); BARRY ROSS (drawings) O f course, the best way to preserve neurons is to halt one or more key steps in the sequence of events that culminates in their destruction—if those events can be discerned. In the case of Parkinson’s disease, the collected evidence strongly implies (though does not yet prove) that the neurons that die are, to a great extent, doomed by the excessive accumulation of highly reactive molecules known as oxygen free radicals.

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