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These lay down osteoid which is then mineralised. 6. Bone cells x 65). They are readily identified by their single nucleus and close apposition to a trabecular surface (101 H&E x 250). When active and closely applied to a growing seam of osteoid, osteoblasts are plump cells with basophilic cytoplasm. The principal bone cells are the osteocytes, osteoblasts (of varying maturity I- IV) and osteoclasts (99). ' Monocyte I I I I . / I? ~ Pleuripotential ~ ~ 1 O,s-t~ '. c. ~ RESTINGSURF~CE 36 ... \ active osteoblasts lining bone surface f, The resting osteoblast forming no osteoid is a slender cell applied to an almost invisible rim of osteoid on the surface of trabecular bone (102 H&E x 450).

Newly laid down bone will take up tetracycline and other pigments. This method is used to estimate the rate of apposition of new bone by measuring either the width of the label (88 jluorescefll microscopy x 450) or more reliably the distance between serial labels 83 Cortical bone and marrow 84 Osteomalacia 85 Mineralised bone and osteoid 32 - mineralised bone and osteoid - osteoporotic 87 Microradiograph bone 88 Tetracycline in newly formed bone before treatment .... ). r"' -.. ': \ (),. I ' e "0 I C' '.

169 Osteosclerosis 17IJ Sclerosis - osteoid and porosis f. Hyperparathyroidism Hyperparathyroidism may be (I) primary or (2) secondary. I. Primary hyperparathyroidism exists when more parathyroid hormone (PTH) is produced than is needed. 2. In secondary hyperparathyroidism excess PTH is produced in response to a low ionised Ca+ concentration, a low Mg+T or a low vitamin D concentration. concentration, the active metabolite of vitamin D. The final elaboration of vitamin D is carried out in the kidney under the control of PTH, possibly due to its effects on tubular intracellular phosphate concentration (171).

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