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By Carroll F. Terrell

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Usury judged with sodomy as 'contrary to natural increase,' contrary to the nature of live things" [SF, 61; see also SF, 265]. CANTO XIII Sources Doctrine de Confucius: Les Quatre livres de philosophie morale et politique de la Chine, Paris, 1841, Traduits du Chinois par M. G. Pauthier. Pound uses the canonical books Le Lun- Yu [The Analects], Le Ta Hio [Ta Hsileh, The Great Digest], and Tchoung-Young [Chung Yung, The Unwobbling Fivot]; Chuang Tzu, XXXI. ] Background EP, Confucius: The Great Digest, The Unwobbling Fivot, The Analects; FD, 72-73 (EP's lively, condensed prose translation of Le Lun-Yu, XI, 25) "Confucius and Mencius," SF, 73-97; HK, Era 445-459; The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu, trans.

In· scription on the outside of Sallustio's letter. Sigismundo to erect an altar in the church of 70. Gentilino da Gradara: Unknown agent of Sigismundo's. cophagus dedicated to Sigismundo's ances· tors and on the bas·reliefs of the Tempio [cf. DO, Sculptor, 127·131; 20/90; 45/229; 51/250; 74/425]. 71. lliustrious Prince: Letter 7, dated De· cember 18, 1454, written by Iacopo Tra· chulo ("Servulus Trajatus"), a court poet of Sigismundo's. The advice given to Sigis· mundo in this letter to establish his own party in Siena and eventually take over the city must, in Pound's opinion, have clinched the matter and confirmed the Sienese in their suspicions of Sigismundo [10:2].

In fact all the minor points that might aid one in forming an historic rather than a fanciful idea of his tombs of Sigismundo's ancestors but to superimpose the Tempio upon it, so showing a rather lies" [ye] [EH]. cated to S1. Francis. The great Renaissance character seem 'shrouded in mystery' or 9/36·37 46 37. C. Demetri· us's military career and his feats of military engineering show parallels with Sigis· mundo's. The legend on the medallions of Sigismundo executed by Pisanello read: "Poliorcetes et semper Invictus" [H, L, "Taker of cities, and always victorious"] .

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