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The intent was not to radically change their descriptions, but rather to quote them verbatim or to paraphrase them so that the original writer's style and the flavor of the time would be preserved. Another important purpose of this work was to gather together into one source as much as could be found on Hispanics to show the important contributions they have made to the development of the state over its history. Hispanics in Nevada Today Hispanics can be of any race; they are those people who immigrate from or trace their ancestry to any of the more than twenty Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.

S. Census reports on Nevada (see below, "Problems in Counting the Hispanic Population"). The general paucity of primary and secondary materials placed severe limitations on this work. Because of the time span covered in this book and the lack of reference data, many topics had to be viewed superficially. In many cases anecdotal materials provided by local historians were the only sources available. The subjectivity of such materials makes potential inac- Page xii Graph 1 The Hispanic Population in Washoe and Clark Counties in 1990 curacies and distortions possible, but it does not negate the information provided.

S. Census Bureau has relied on self-identification, whereby subjects are allowed to choose from several different Hispanic ethnic groups. "8 Another ever-present statistical problem with counting the Hispanic population reflects the presence of undocumented aliens. There is no reliable data available on undocumented Hispanics, especially Mexicans, Dominicans, and Central Americans, living in the United States. To what extent they are included in any statistics is unknown. S. Census Bureau consistently undercounts the Hispanic population.

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