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Government, Department of Defense, began in 1974 with a series of "requirements" documents that were widely reviewed. A large international community of computer professionals participated in the studies and competitive preliminary designs that led to the final form of the language, which is now being implemented for a variety of computer systems. Ada's most distinguishing characteristic, when compared with widely-used predecessor languages, is the emphasis given to the separation of specification from implementation of program units.

Ada and Object-Based Programmi:ng The Ada language encourages object-based programming and for that reason was selected as the principal programming language for the i432. Most significantly, programs written in Ada for the i432 may be viewed as compatible extensions of the operating system and the supporting hardware. There is, in fact, no difference between "system programs" and "user programs" as there is in conventional systems. For this reason, we shall begin our detailed study of the i432 System in the next chapter, not with a closer look at the hardware organization or at the operating system, but with a closer look at Ada itself.

Given this proposal, it is then possible to gauge the "semantic gap", if any, between the requests to be posed by the secretary-treasurer and the more primitive object creation, accessing, and updating expressions we think we know how to express in the programming language-in this case Ada. If the gap is considered too great, it may be necessary or desirable to decompose Portfolio_Owner package into a substructure, consisting of several packages. For example, within a devised substructure of packages, top-level requests may be decomposed by operations in intermediate packages into collections of more primitive requests.

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