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By E. Marani, J.H.R. Schoen

This quantity of Advances in Anatomy, Embryology and telephone Biology relies on fabric assembled through Dr. Jaap H.R. Schoen who used to be one of many few neuroanatomists to use the Nauta technique to human fabric. Gaining perception within the results of longitudinal harm to the human spinal wire is important prior to reimplantation of the avulsed rootlets or an autologous transplant might be played in guy.

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Soon they fuse into a more or less triangular area, hardly to separate from the surroundings. From here on it proves impossible to follow its constituents separately by their fiber composition. 3 Degeneration Studies from Pathological Material In this section an attempt will be made to present conclusive evidence from cases in which small, mostly vascular lesions have damaged part of either the medial lemniscus or the internal arcuate fibers. 1 H3977 ml1 and mlp Components of the Medial Lemniscus This case with a 4-month survival time showed degenerated lemnicus fibers distinctly, since the lemniscal fibers degenerate retrogradely in a relatively short time.

6), which otherwise did not stain very satisfactorily. Preterminal degeneration is observed in the patches of small fusiform cells in the restiform body. From the latter cell groups small bundles of degenerated fibers run through the spinal trigeminal tract into the repagulum. Both nuclei display a meshwork of small degenerated fibers. It is unlikely that the degeneration in the repagulum in H7085 is caused by the sparse degeneration in the fasciculi gracili. Moreover, ascending degeneration in the posterior columns in H5631 is present bilaterally, but termination in the repagulum and the promontorium is found only at the right side, ipsilateral to the ventrolateral cordotomy.

This area is densely packed with uniformly sized fibers with a diameter of 2 µm in Häggqvist series. Even more rostrally, infiltration of their area by other elements is noted, especially the ml3 component fibers, caused by change in position and shape of the medial lemniscus at the pontomesencephalic junction. The decussating mlp component occupies a large elliptic area rostral and ventral to the trigeminal nuclear complex, caudal and ventral to the nucleus centralis superior, caudal to the decussation of the brachium conjunctivum, and medial to the descending branch of the brachium conjunctivum.

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