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By P. R. Berman

This quantity maintains the culture of the Advances sequence. It includes contributions from specialists within the box of atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics. The articles include a few overview fabric, yet are meant to supply a complete photo of modern very important advancements in AMO physics. either theoretical and experimental articles are integrated within the quantity. · foreign specialists · accomplished articles · New advancements

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5] EXPLORING QUANTUM MATTER IN OPTICAL LATTICES 31 F IG . 21. A Bose–Einstein condensate is split into two parts with an initially constant phase between the two subsystems BEC1 and BEC2. Whenever a condensate is split into two parts such that a fixed relative phase is established between those two parts, the many-body state in each of the BECs is in a superposition of different atom number states. Let us now consider the case of repulsive interactions between the atoms and determine how such superpositions of atom number states evolve over time, taking into account the collisions between the atoms.

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