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By Vincent Cossart (auth.), Antonio Campillo López, Luis Narváez Macarro (eds.)

The concentration of this quantity lies on singularity concept in algebraic geometry. It contains papers documenting contemporary and unique advancements and techniques in topics equivalent to answer of singularities, D-module thought, singularities of maps and geometry of curves. The papers originate from the 3rd foreign convention on Algebraic Geometry held in l. a. Rábida, Spain, in December 1991. because then, the articles have passed through a meticulous means of refereeing and development, and so they were geared up right into a accomplished account of the cutting-edge during this field.

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07l'r la desingularisation plongee minimale d'une branche plane (V, 0) comme ci-dessus et soit m = (mo, ... , mi,"') la suite des multiplicitCs de Nash de sa normalisation. Si VEe est une branche d6nnie parametriquement par h: (T, 0) ---+ (k 2 ,0) telle que pih) E 'Hmo, ... ,m J , 0 :::; j :::; i (ef Rcmarquc 4-5), pour un en tier i 2: {3g = inf {i I mi = I}, alors 1. pest aussi Ia d6singularisation plongee minimale de V 2. V passe par Ie point de V situe dans Ie (i - ,6g nitesimal de O. + r)-eme Yoisinage infl- Si PHd"h) ~ Tr(i+l),alors V et V n'ont pas de point commun dans un Yoisinage innnitesimal de 0 d 'ordre > i - :3g + r.

R,) consisting of x and those points y E X such that there exists a path from y to x (resp. x to y). A point x is said to be dominant if (y, x) E e for any y E x. Acyclic graphs have some nice properties. First, for an acyclic graph there exists at least one point x (resp. y) such that x = {x} (resp. y = {y}). Such a point will be said to be a minimal (resp. maximal) in the graph. foreover, the points in an acyclic graph (X, G) can be distributed by levels No, N I , ... e e e e. I\',)}. , the greatest index such that Nk i- 0.

Q} --+ X, q 2 2, such that (s(i),s(i + 1)) E e, and it will be denoted alternatively as s(l)s(2) ... • Xq is a path and (X q , Xl) E then the sequence XIX2 ... XqXl is said to be a cycle. A graph is said to be acyclic if it has no cycles. Finally for a semipath in (X, e) we mean an injective sequence such that for any i, 1 ::; ·i ::; q - 1, one has either (s(i), sCi + 1)) E or (s(i + 1), sCi)) E Semicycles can be defined in the same way. A subgraph of (X, G) is a graph (Y, H) with Y c X and H c e.

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