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By Robert Marshall

The tale of mystery provider treachery within the moment international struggle. It describes how the pinnacle of MI6, piqued via Chruchill's constructing of SOE as a rival sabotage and intelligence association, devised a catch, utilizing a double agent, Henri Dericourt, to ruin the entire of SOE's intelligence community in France. consequently approximately 1,000 women and men have been arrested, thousands of whom died in focus camps.

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France was emerging from one of the darker chapters in her long history. She had not been united by war, but shattered into a hundred fragments. The presence of the Nazi occupiers had encouraged some Frenchmen of a fascist persuasion to embrace the invader – in the name of France. Although the vast majority, faced with the reality of defeat, had quietly accepted collaboration as the prescribed antidote to national humiliation, a few, a very few, presumed to resist the invader and live as underground terrorists.

He enlisted in the British South African Police, saw action in Rhodesia against the Matabele and Mashona in 1896 and further action in Sarawak with the British North Borneo Company Police in 1899. He returned to Africa, was involved in the relief of Mafeking in 1900 and soon after joined the Intelligence Department of the British Army’s General Staff. Then from 1904 to 1909, in what was one of the last of Britain’s colonial wars, the young Captain Dansey served as an Intelligence Officer with the British Somaliland Protectorate in operations against the so-called ‘Mad Mullah’, Muhammad’Abdille Hassan.

It was an exceptionally well-kept secret. Its inner workings mirrored ‘Z–1’ himself, utterly mysterious and impenetrable. Nevertheless, by the end of 1939 he was arguably the most powerful individual in the British intelligence community. It remained to be seen how he would wield that power. III The Fall During August 1939, as the last few weeks of peace slipped away, there was in France an unsettling mood of ambiguity. Had there been an obvious threat to the nation, her citizens would have risen up as one.

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