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By Oliver North; Chuck Holton

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There are two very capacious pockets on the thighs, two more on the chest, and slits at each hip; pockets are closed by zipper fasteners. The coveralls are worn over uniform and equipment for the jump; on landing, the garment is taken off and usually put on again under the equipment. d. Gloves These are of padded leather, with long gauntlets which grip by means of elastic; sometimes woolen gloves are substituted. They are worn only for the jump. (i'EIcIAN P'ARACITETL IRH()(OPS 27 e. Boots These are of heavy leather, and have thick rubber soles wuith a V-pattern tread.

Explosives of all kinds are taken, including AT and antipersonnel mines. Radio equipment goes into containers that are specially padded. Among miscellaneous articles that have been dropped by the container method have been antigas protective clothing, and particularly tools and spare parts, such as spark plugs, useful in operating commandeered motor vehicles. p. "Provisions Bombs" (Versorgungsbomben) These are carried in bomb racks and released like ordinary bombs, which they resemble in shape.

Holding-off speed-............ 4 mph 55 mph 35-40 mph k. Landins Area The DFS-230 glider requires only a small landing area. It has been noted that flaps may be used to steepen the angle of glide. If the skid is wound with barbed wire, or fitted with arresting hooks, landing in an even smaller area is practicable. 25. THE GOTHA 242 GLIDER The Gotha 242 Glider, larger than the DFS-230, is used for troop transport in training and for freight-carrying. Six of them were captured partially destroyed at Derna.

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