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American army coverage is hotly debated.

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America should be very careful of overextending the definition of its vital interests and involving itself in regional affairs that it does not fully understand and certainly cannot control. Benign influence in the world is one thing; heavy-handed intrusion is quite another. S. Security Requires a Strong Nuclear Deterrent n 1964, director Stanley Kubrick released an Oscar-nominated black comedy, Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, which became a cultural icon of the Cold War and the nuclear arms race.

S. 2 Have American citizens received value for that money? Can a defense that keeps us on the perpetual brink of apocalyptic war really be described as providing “security” for the United States? As the Doomsday Clock suggests, the potential for this wildly expensive weapons system to precipitate global disaster in a terrifyingly short space of time is ever-present. S. nuclear deterrent is MAD, or Mutually Assured Destruction. We have become so familiar with its gloomy logic that even the acronym no longer inspires any comment, and yet, MAD is mad; in fact, it is utterly insane.

7 Global policemen are self-appointed, and there is nothing America can do — short of using force — to prevent other countries from taking on similar roles themselves. This wearing away of state sovereignty would have very harmful results for long-term world stability. America, as a superpower, will always have an active role to play in international affairs. American economic and diplomatic 47 48 AMERICAN MILITARY POLICY well-being is implicated in the smooth running of global commerce and government.

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