3 Ways You’re Doing Renovations the Wrong Way



It’s easy to think of ideas for your house without putting much thought into their effect on the quality of living. You may think a beautiful fireplace can be placed in the center of the living room even if you don’t have enough space for one. You may imagine your room a bright yellow shade even if those glass windows will make it a pain to sleep in.

Daydreaming is free. When it comes to actually redesigning the Utah house you love, however, take a step back to avoid common pitfalls.

Cluttering up Space

You wanted a grand water feature that will greet guests as they approach your property. You were thinking of it as a way to show off, to tell people you’re living the life they can only dream of. One thing’s for sure, however. No one is dreaming of having to skirt around that majestic fountain that leaves room for nothing else.

Landscape artists will not say no to your idea, but they will give you tips on how to maximize the space and use each object in your backyard effectively. They may even coordinate the hardscaping materials delivery to your Utah home to ensure you’re ordering the right size and amount. Each aspect of landscaping requires some thought and using oversized paths or walls may just add clutter to an otherwise beautiful arrangement.

Sacrificing Comfort

The moment you saw eccentric couches, you fell in love and wanted them delivered to your doorstep. How much thought did you put into looking at the material and comparing it against your family’s habits?

A couch can be breeding ground for bacteria if it’s made of fabric that’s hard to clean and not water-resistant. It may even be too uncomfortable to sit on despite being beautiful to look at. You may even want to replace the whole living room with electric recliners, thinking they’ll be a luxurious addition to the house, but you might be sacrificing family bonding opportunities as each person sits in individual chairs.

Ignoring the Neighborhood

Man planning for renovation

You decided to expand the house vertically. It will be perfect, as there’s a good view waiting for you at the top. You started construction despite the looks you got from your neighborhood. You attributed their attitude to jealousy. They can’t afford to renovate, and they’re making it painfully obvious. But is that really it? Perhaps they were not pleased with your decision, as it will block their view and essentially change the value of their property should they decide to sell.

You may have a beautiful house once the renovation is done, but if you did it at the expense of your neighbors, you lost them in the process. You’ll be happy with your new abode for a while, then that wears off because no one even bothers to visit. You’ve alienated yourself all because you renovated carelessly.

With the many different ideas you see online, there’s always the temptation to go with the trends and renovate. Do it properly and mindfully so that you will not have any regrets.

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