An Out-of-This-World Experience with Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tub in a modern bathroom

Freestanding tub in a modern bathroomBathing in a tub is always a serene, relaxing experience. It somehow takes you to a place where you resist the world outside, protecting your little time and space, away from work, away from everything. That feeling is even stronger with stand-alone tubs, especially freestanding tubs. It seems to hark back to the olden times, purer and opulent. Having a freestanding tub will make a difference. Hence, if you feel like looking now for stand-alone tubs in Utah to have an out-of-this-world bathing experience, you should read on.

The Luxury of Freestanding Tubs

Many of today’s modern, spa-like bathrooms carry inspiration from freestanding tubs. An evolution of choice from the Jacuzzi and sunken garden tubs, freestanding tubs have basically conquered the more modern home. Simple yet luxurious, they have become a must-have.

The standard bathtub is normally supplemented by cabinets around it. They are even built into an alcove. With a freestanding tub, it stands on its own, but it may be encased in a deck made of stone or marble. Large and cumbersome, it fits best in non-urban homes. Spacious condos and large single-family homes in urban settings can accommodate the immense size and weight of a freestanding tub.

Style-wise, freestanding tubs can still be designed to add more intricacy. One can spice up its oval or rectangular shape by choosing a decorative design that looks rustic or contemporary, ornate or edgy. Adding more bathroom amenities like a faucet is also possible.

The Growing Demand for Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tub beside the shower areaSure enough, the spa-like experience offered by a freestanding tub is a key takeaway. But the brisk consumer demand for stand-alone tubs tells more. A more aesthetical value is luring consumers. Freestanding tubs, like other stand-alone tubs, are a reminder of the Victorian era. Anything as classical as that gives a modern home a unique experience.

However, “old” in its look, stand-alone tubs are manufactured to suit the needs for privacy that many modern bathrooms are now gearing toward to. The way freestanding tubs cover the whole body—how one can snuggle into that large space with ease—offers some sort of protection. Truly, the freestanding tub is a masterpiece of utility.

As with cost, consumers are finding freestanding tubs more manageable than traditional tubs. While one will have to spend at most $6,000 for a modern tub, including installation costs and drains, a stand-alone tub is fixed around $5,000. It is relatively cheaper and easier to install. A tip, however, on installing a freestanding tub is that you make sure that you put the tub on the main floor with a concrete slab to support it. If you wish to put it on the second floor, you may need professional help as the tub is heavy and may need some plumbing adjustments.

Freestanding tubs are becoming the most popular among stand-alone tubs. Due to their spa-inspired and Victorian look, more private design, and cheaper cost, these tubs are making consumers consider. Simplicity, utility, and luxury can actually work together with freestanding tubs.

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