Do Swimming Pools Add Value To Your Home?

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Let’s be honest; we’re all itching to go on a vacation, embrace the white sandy beaches, and finally get the chance to go for a swim with our friends. This pandemic has held us hostage inside our homes for far too long, and many of us are yearning to get some sunshine and fresh air. But, with the pandemic fallout still running rampant, our dreams of a swimming trip will need to stay on hold, considering the health and safety concerns.

However, a lot of people have been thinking about bringing the beach to their home, specifically building and installing a swimming pool right in their backyard. But, it now becomes a question of is it really worth it to invest that much money into a swimming pool, or are you potentially putting your money at risk with a bad financial investment?

Yes, But Under The Right Conditions

In terms of added value alone, there’s no denying that a swimming pool will make the house appreciate. It looks fun, cool, and anyone who will decide to buy the home later on, will also have a splendid time swimming and relaxing in their backyard. However, all these benefits and happiness will only occur under the right conditions.

#1 Your Location Matters

Location is everything, and if you live somewhere that can’t get any proper plumbing, a place far out where supplies are a hassle to get, or a backyard that isn’t the prettiest and appropriate for a pool, there are several different factors to consider first. The last thing you want to do is to build a swimming pool just for the sake of telling people you have one but not actually getting the opportunity to enjoy it.

  • Warmer Climates Are A Must: A sad reality that we must all come to terms with is the fact that backyard swimming pools are more suited toward homes in warmer climates. Sure, you could live somewhere that snows often and still have one, but you wouldn’t be getting your money’s worth out of the pool year-round. In fact, you’ll end up with even more maintenance work.
  • A Higher-End Neighborhood: The houses around you and in your neighborhood dictate how well a home appreciates and increases in property value over time, and if you don’t live in the most high-standard of places, the pool will only stick out like a sore thumb. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with getting a pool, but it won’t have much effect on your home when the neighborhood has more pressing matters to attend to.

#2 Your House Isn’t In Any Need Of Renovations

Swimming pools are great and all, but we strongly don’t recommend getting one if there are more important renovations that the house needs first. Getting a swimming pool when there’s something more important on the line, like a plumbing problem or the roof succumbing to wear and tear, is just going against the grain. So, please weigh the opportunity costs first.

  • It’s Extra Money: In today’s economic climate, saving money and planning your budget is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, you’ll want to check off all your needs and essentials first before you even consider the thought wants and extra quality of life upgrades. So think about what matters most first before you even consider adding a pool.

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Are There Benefits?

However, if you’ve got those conditions in check and you’re all ready to go, there are plenty of benefits to gain from adding a swimming pool. Sure, you won’t be holding any parties for numerous people anytime soon, but who said you couldn’t have fun with yourself, family, or a couple of friends to come over?

  • A Lot More Fun At Home: Nothing beats swimming when you think about active, engaging, and fun leisure activities. You get to exercise, feel the touch of water race through your body, and have fun all at the same time. Plus, add an instant pot to eat, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for the perfect weekend getaway!
  • Increase Aesthetic Value: If your home is looking a bit dull and lacks a touch of uniqueness, adding a pool can increase its aesthetic value and make it stand out. As a result, it becomes more appealing to would-be homebuyers if you ever plan to sell the home in the future.

However, There Are Some Caveats

Likewise, adding a pool comes with its fair share of responsibilities, and if you aren’t up for the chores of maintaining one, then it might not be the best decision. For example, you’ll need a good pH swimming pool maintenance product to keep it clean and safe, as well as a lot of other things like pulling out leaves when they fall in or cleaning up when it rains too hard. Overall, to own a swimming pool means to accept the duties of maintaining one as well.

Consider Your Options

So, with those reasons laid, please consider all your options and think wisely before you make a decision. There are both positives and negatives to a swimming pool, just remember to consider your position and how you feel about it then you’re pretty much good to go.

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