Five Garden Trends to Watch Out for This Year

Gardener holding a pot with plant in garden

Gardener holding a pot with plant in gardenSome gardening themes will always remain a classic for homeowners who love gardening. But each year, certain landscaping tricks stand out among the rest. In 2018, we noticed a lot of people trying their hands on vertical and community gardening. This year, we see a sudden change in aesthetics and designs.

To give you an idea of what is in and what is not, here are some of the garden design trends that are now making its way in 2019.

Ferns inside the house

Ferns are making their way into our homes this year. There are several types of ferns that have beautiful leaves and shapes, which can also thrive inside our homes. The unique texture of the ferns’ leaves is perfect for adding colour and texture to any part of your room. As trendy as it looks, these exotic houseplants also help purify indoor air.

Making your vacation spot

Many homeowners who are fond of gardening are finding ways to have the same staycation vibe in their house without boarding a plane. They can achieve it by keeping a low maintenance theme while setting up a weatherproof speaker system to let them enjoy the music even when they are outside.

They can also consider creating a few site destination spaces so they can have focal points for their entire garden. Doing so will make it easier for vegetation clearance services to maintain your landscape. Furthermore, it is also best to invest in outdoor furniture that you can sit to relax.

Moon’s influence on gardening

There is an existing scientific theory that is similar to the moon’s effect on the tides. The said theory says that the moon also affects soil moisture. Considering this theory can help you in planting crops as well as understanding the best time to harvest them. Applying it to the way that you manage your crops may even help you produce better fruits and veggies in the long run.

DIY greenhouse kits

Another trend that is slowly taking over 2019 is DIY greenhouse kits. Instead of paying someone else to build it, you can buy your greenhouse kit and create your own. You can assemble most kits in less than a day and they even come in various shapes and sizes. Also, you can add other greenhouse accessories such as weatherproof flooring.

Visually stimulating foliage

beautiful garden foliage with a patio

Fun and unique plants are also dominating this year’s garden themes. Insanely beautiful colours and textures in various flora are gaining popularity, and most gardeners are living for it. People nowadays look at plants like lungwort and other colourful foliage to add to their garden. Also, colours such as red and plum are making their way in many backyards.

These are just a few of the themes that you can consider for your home garden this year. You can also look at other ideas that work well with your taste and lifestyle. It is always best to choose a garden design that you will undoubtedly be able to manage in the years to come.

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