Five Major Causes of Water Damage

Damaged home ceiling

Damaged home ceilingHaving your own home is a big accomplishment for any individual. However, several responsibilities come with it so that you can ensure your home stays in good condition. You should protect your home from wind damage, storm damage and the most dreaded thing: water damage.

In case you experience water damage, experts in water damage restoration services in BC will help you bring back your property to good shape. It is, however, easier to protect your home if you understand the culprits of this havoc. Below is a description of the potential water damage causes in a home.

1. Clogged Drains

The presence of clogs in your drains means that you cannot make use of the toilet. Also, there will be the occurrence of water backing in the bathroom floor, sink and shower. Sewer water contains bacteria and raw sewage that poses a health risk to your family. If it is the kitchen sink that has clogs, there will be water overflow that will subsequently damage your kitchen cabinets, walls and floors. Seek expert help from a plumber to handle the clogged drains and further protect the home from water damage.

2. Pipe Leaks

Although it seems obvious, most homeowners do not acknowledge that leaks contribute to water loss and is a culprit for causing water damage. Whether the leak is in the bathroom or kitchen pipes, seek the attention of a plumber for an overall system check-up to determine the location of other pipes and facilitate sealing before it is too late. Another sign of leaking pipes is an increase in water bills without changes in your family’s lifestyle or an increase in the number of home users.

3. Faulty Washing Machine

Man repairing a washing machineLike any other electronic appliances, you should inspect the washing machine regularly to check for any leaks or abnormal performances. The fittings should be tight and in place to minimize any chances of leaking water from the area beneath. You can also consider replacing the washing machine if you have had it for too long.

4. Faulty Dishwasher

Your dishwasher can cause water damage if the seals are loose. The two main causes of loose seals are loading the machine with the inappropriate soap or when the latch on the machine is broken. Repairing your dishwasher when it is faulty protects your kitchen from the adverse effects of water damage.

5. Faulty Air Conditioner

A home is incomplete without an air conditioner to provide warmth or cool air when needed. Your air conditioner eliminates moisture from the air in your space, and the moisture accumulates within the AC unit. You should drain the accumulated moisture or else, it will end up leaking and getting to the wall or floor around the region where you have placed your AC unit.

Now that you know the possible causes of water damage, it is high time that you are on the lookout to protect your home from the devastating effects of water damage on your furniture, walls and floors. When you spot early signs of water damage, call in water damage restoration experts for a speedy restoration of your home.

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