How Efficient is Your Commercial Lighting?

Office lightning at the front desk

Office lightning at the front deskThe size of the commercial space determines the type and lumens of lighting that will be appropriate. That makes planning for lighting to seem like quite an easy process. But, ideally, it can be a delicate venture as you try to balance between the cost of purchase and subsequent replacements. It is imperative that you also factor in the cost of energy per year and the accuracy of color rendering. However, most lighting companies are specializing in offering durable and energy-efficient lighting solutions. As a business, this will help you to save on cost on all your lighting applications.

Typically, the available options for commercial lighting are the same regardless of the place that you intend to light. That is, be it a warehouse, a structure for parking or any place outdoors. The most common options here are LEDs, fluorescents and metal halide. Since the latter two can come in high wattage, they are best for lighting in warehouses and parking lots. However, metal halides and fluorescents have high levels of energy use and decaying of the lumen output. It is this that has gradually been pushing many commercial spaces in Tampa and beyond into adopting a far much longer-lasting option—LEDs.

Why Use LEDs for Commercial Lighting?

Cost Effective

electric bill with graphLED lights can help you cut down your annual cost of energy consumption. Their cost of maintenance is also low. Though the initial cost of upgrading can seem expensive, in the long run, it is worth the cost. This is especially so because the price of LEDs is constantly coming down which will bring down repair and maintenance costs. LED lights save you the stresses associated with regular maintenance as is with traditional light fixtures. No other lighting product can match the high level of innovativeness provided by LEDs.


LEDs can come in a variety of types. That offers you the opportunity to customize them place without much renovating. It is possible to upgrade your existing light fixtures to LEDs using kits available from major LED dealers. With HID and fluorescent lamps being very delicate even when installing them, they do not adjust easily. Therefore, moving them or customizing their design will even compromise their durability.


It is an excellent strategy to increase the lighting in dark parking spaces and busy business premises. With that, both the customers as well as the employees will feel safe to operate even during late hours. Since you can get a high-level light output from LEDs, the lighting quality will increase while your energy bills remain low.


You most probably have been considering switching to LED energy saving lighting for a while now. It now is time you implemented this in your commercial space in Tampa. But, make it a rule that you always ensure you get these lighting solutions from reputable commercial lighting experts. One of the ways to identify such companies is from checking the length of time that they have been in operation. If they have been in this trade for years, they have the expertise to design, install and maintain your lighting to industry standards.

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