How Much Should You Pay to Repair Broken Gutters?

Repairing broken gutter

These days, homeowners who need repairs for broken gutters should expect to spend around $333 on average this year, although it’s possible to pay $172 to almost $500 depending on some factors.

These include the kind of necessary repairs, the length of the gutter, and its type. If you have a seamless gutter, contractors might charge up to $30 per linear foot for the cost of labor. Your location also affects the overall price of repairs. Those who live in Wisconsin will pay a different amount than those who live in Illinois. When choosing a contractor, it’s always best to inquire with as many companies as possible to determine the best rates.

The Cost of Repairs per Type

Seamless gutter repairs, particularly those made from metal, will likely cost $300 on average per project. Galvanized gutters will cost around $255 to fix, while aluminum gutter repairs range between $10 and $12 per linear foot. Despite seamless metal gutters being more expensive to repair, it remains the best choice because of its strength, flexibility, and resistance to corrosion.

The height of your house also serves as another factor for the cost of labor. For instance, contractors can charge $170 to repair a galvanized steel gutter of a one-story house. Homes with two floors will cost $330, while higher homes will cost $500 or more.

Cost of Replacement

Some types of repairs require a partial replacement to fix the problem. In this case, you might need to spend on new materials that will increase the cost of repairs. You can buy gutters from the local home depot for at least $5 per linear foot, depending on the type.

If it’s a broken downspout, you should prepare to spend more on galvanized steel than aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum and vinyl downspouts are the cheapest to replace as it only costs between $5 and $8 per linear foot, while galvanized steel costs from $10 to $11 per linear foot.

DIY vs. Professional Service

Proffesional repairing the gutter

You might think that repairing gutters can be easy as propping a ladder onto the roof and patching the trenches, which saves you money from hiring a professional. However, roofing contractors have more experience with working on ladders aside from being able to do it quickly. Those who try to repair the gutters themselves will take longer since they need to be more careful.

Some contractors even offer free inspections and advice on how to take care of not just the gutters, but also the roof. If your gutters are insured, then it’s more necessary to hire a professional to validate your claim.

In the end, if the cost of repairing gutters will be more than half the price of a replacement, it makes sense to choose the latter. Whether you decide to repair or replace old gutters, you should consider hiring a professional to do the job for your safety. A roofing contractor can also spot other issues with your roof that you can miss when repairing gutters by yourself.

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