How to Get Past Your Struggles with Decluttering

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After binge-watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, many of us started to consider having a minimalist lifestyle. Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method taught us that we should only surround ourselves with things that spark joy for us. And we’re drawn by people’s reactions to the show. We’re even envious of how decluttering has transformed their lives.

Little did we know that the act of decluttering is actually one of the hardest things that we’d ever have to do. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. We find ourselves struggling because of how attached we actually are to our material things.

But this doesn’t mean we have to give decluttering altogether. We can still do it. We can overcome the struggles that go along with it. We need to know how.

Not Knowing How to Start

The thing with decluttering our homes is that we don’t know how to start it. Do we start with the kitchen? Do we start in the living room? Kondo does this with ease. So we’re baffled by the fact that we can’t do it, too.

The truth is that the act of decluttering differs from person to person. You might have an outrageously cluttered living room. So you might want to start there. You might have a deep connection to your kitchen things. So you might want to leave that for last. All you’ll need to do is to recognise your instincts. What are the things that you can let go of? Get everything out of the way and leave the hard parts for last.

Another issue with getting ourselves started with decluttering is waste management. We’re afraid to start sorting the things that need to go because we don’t know where to throw them out. To make things easier, you can avail of house clearance services. Let the professionals do the waste management for you.

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Letting Go of Things with Sentimental and Monetary Value

As mentioned before, decluttering can be emotionally exhausting. When you start going through your things, you’re hit with one fond memory after another. Even something as simple as a tattered scarf could bring us back to our childhood. Because of this, we have this urge to just everything we own.

To overcome this struggle, You need to remind yourself that memories are not tied to material things forever. You can still hold onto our fond memories, even if the physical things associated with them are gone.

Another struggle is feeling guilty about getting rid of things that you spent a lot of money on. For example, you might have a huge collection of comic books that are kept in mint condition. You’ve never read them (and that’s why they’re still in mint condition), and you might never will.

With that, you can consider selling that collection. You’ll be able to make some money. You might even make a profit off of it if it’s precious. And you’ll be giving it to someone who will value it as much as you did.

Keeping Things “Just in Case” and “for Someday”

Some people might declutter their homes only to transfer their things to a storage facility somewhere else. That’s not really decluttering. You’re just keeping things that you think you might need someday.

But we have to remember that we might not need those things at all anymore. Keeping them in a storage facility somewhere isn’t you truly letting go of your attachment to material things. You need to be strict with yourself and really determine if you will need those things in the future. If you won’t, then it’s time to let them go.

In truth, decluttering requires a lot of will-power, discipline, and dedication. If you’re determined to let some of your material possessions go, then it’s best to remember your intentions. You want to have a home that’s more spacious and breathable. You want to stop being so attached to material things. And you want to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Always keep these things in mind, and you should be able to achieve your goal to declutter your home.

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