How Your Trendy Lifestyle Is Ruining Your Life

Trendy Lifestyle

It’s okay to follow trends, whether it’s about fashion or home decor. What’s not okay, however, is leaving the house or your life in a state of disarray just because you’ve let trends dictate what you do and don’t do. You may scoff at the idea that trends have taken over your life. But take a look at the following scenarios and see how easily it happens:

You travel more than you stay home

You bought that house because your parents and peers told you that it would be the next step in your life, but your wanderlust is too strong to contain. So there you are, with a mortgage to pay but also with a rapidly depleting travel fund. But it’s not just the money that you need to be concerned about.

When you’re away from Virginia Beach traveling to more exotic locations, unwanted visitors may be taking camp at home. Another additional but necessary expense that you need to tackle when you get back is paying for pest control services to get rid of the rats and roaches that have run rampant while you were off jet-setting. This is certainly not the welcome home you expected, right?

Your closet is overflowing with low-quality pieces

There are two keywords here: overflowing and low-quality. Trends from the runway get to shops quicker than ever because of fast fashion brands. But the main trade-off for this quick turnaround is the compromised quality. They need to sell their inventory before the items go out of style. So they offer these items for very low prices that they manage to afford due to the use of substandard materials.

This means that your clothes are only good for a couple of washes before they lose their shape. You’re trendy, yes, but you’re also buying more clothes than ever, and this results in textile pollution. Moreover, if you add up all your shopping sprees, you’re actually spending so much even if each piece is cheap.

You eat out most of the week

girl eating breakfast

You deserve the fancy dinner every once in a while, and you have certainly earned the right to splurge on a cheesecake or expensive dessert. Want steak? Sure, have it on your anniversary. When you eat like this most of the week just because it’s what your peers seem to do, you’re not only drilling deep hopes into your pockets; you’re also developing an unhealthy eating habit. When you eat fast food most of the week, you get more sodium, calories, and fat than what a regular person should consume in a day.

There are cases when meat alternatives are better, but some vegan options are not exactly the healthiest, either. If you don’t look past the trends and make trying every restaurant your new mantra, some exercise has to be added to the equation to balance it off. Fail to do that and you’re setting your body up to an unhealthy future.

Your home, your closet, and your body all deserve the best. When you live for trends and look at life as a series of Instagram posts, it may be hard to see the problem. Don’t wait until it’s too late to live a more conscientious and responsible adult life.

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