Improve Your Home This Winter with These 5 Projects

Woman feeling cold

Woman feeling coldThe months of December through February bring the coldest temperatures in most of the U.S. The constant snowfall and cancellation of work or classes, as a result, make winter a slow period for many people. This doesn’t mean you should stay idle, though. You might want to consider this time, especially after the holidays, to tackle home improvement projects that you’ve been putting off since last year.

According to data from the 2017 American Housing Survey, there were around 44,000 home improvement activities across the country from 2015 to 2017. This shows that Americans love to add improvements to their home, whether for personal purposes or for the sale of their property. Whatever your own reason might be, here are some projects you should consider tackling this winter:

Winterize Your Interior

If you think the temperature’s cold, it’s about to be colder still. In places like Kansas City, January is the coldest month. Save on heating costs and prevent winter chill by insulating your home. Contact spray foam insulation contractors so they can add new insulation throughout your house and the attic.

Apart from insulation, you may also need to replace your old doors and windows with energy efficient ones. The cost of these improvements is easily recouped because a well-insulated home lowers your energy bills.

Install Hardwood Floors

Have you been meaning to replace your floor with hardwood? Wood floors are easier to clean and do not break easily, making them a cost-effective flooring option.

Unfortunately, during times of high humidity such as summer months, wood components swell and expand, causing squeaking issues. With the dry winter air, though, this is not a problem, and the crisp chill also ensures a quicker drying time for any adhesive substances you needed to apply.

Remodel Your Basement

Spacious empty basementBy utilizing your basement, you add valuable space to your home. Instead of simply using it as a place where you store odds and ends, you can make the basement a family room, a peaceful place where you can bond and relax together.

The best time to do the remodeling is during the winter. All your work will be completely indoors, so you won’t have to suffer the elements. In addition, there’s greater availability of contractors and they often have lower rates during these off-season months. Another benefit? The decreased humidity lowers the chance of mold forming on your basement’s exposed surfaces.

Paint Your Interiors

Brighten your mood by repainting your home’s interior walls. A bright color can beat the winter blues and provide you with visual stimulation. Not only does this project instantly beautify your home, but it is also easy and cost-effective.  A fresh coat of paint can even offer a higher return on investment in case you’re looking to sell your home soon.

Finally, Declutter

Don’t wait for the spring to clean. After being stuck inside your home all winter, you deserve to enjoy the nice weather that spring brings. Since you’re not doing much this winter, start decluttering your place. Some of the odds and ends that you’ve collected from the past year may not be useful anymore (as Marie Kondo says, if items don’t spark joy, let go of them). Devote your time to tossing them out or donating them.

In addition to saving on costs, tackling home improvement projects during the winter keeps you active. What’s more, these home improvements only add value to your home and beautify your living space, so it’s an overall win.

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