How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive from the Outside

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Your home’s overall look outdoors is part of its total value. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, the curb appeal will impact its selling price. Even if you are not planning to move anytime soon, the exterior is as important as the interior. Investing in your home’s exterior look will do your investment good in the long run. But here’s the thing: how can you do it cheaply? With the coronavirus pandemic still a reality, the budget is tight. You are not exactly swimming in cash right now.

Don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your home’s exterior without spending more than a few hundred dollars. It’s all a matter of planning, being resourceful, taking matters into your own hands, and researching.


Your house looks dilapidated from the outside because you haven’t repaired what needs to be fixed. Remember that even a small house that’s well-maintained is better looking than a grand mansion with peeling and cracked paint outside. Look for a render supplier to fix the existing render on your outdoor walls. The render is breathable and has great adhesive and spreadability. It will increase the durability of the walls, making them resistant to cracks. The best thing about a render is you can choose different designs and colors while maintaining the durability of the materials.

Accent Sections

Most homeowners will simply choose the horizontal sidings for the exterior’s entirety because they give an illusion of size. However, there are different sidings designs to choose from such as scallop, shingles, corrugated metals, panels, board-and-batten siding, and decorative trim. Mix these different sidings, so your home’s exterior can have a different feel.

Also, call attention to different sections of your home by using a different siding for it. For example, you can use a scallop design for the attic. Paint it with a different color so that it stands out from the rest of the house. You can also use the upper floors, towers, garages, barns, and eaves as accents.


repainting a room

Cracked, peeling, and faded paint is a no-no on a home’s exterior. It makes the house look old and unkempt. A fresh coat of paint is the solution. You don’t even have to hire laborers as you can do this on your own on a weekend. Just make sure to use a color that will complement the architectural design of your home. For example, use natural color for Tudor and darkened color for Victorians. Minimalist home designs should play around with white, gray, and black.

Pop of Color

Adding a pop of color to your home’s exterior is another way to make it look expensive without spending too much. Color your front door, trim, shutters, and decorative woodwork a different shade, though make sure the colors complement each other. What colors are great for that extra “pop”? Red and royal blue are always great choices, though remember not to use them overwhelmingly that they will change the color palette of your house.


The reason your home’s exterior looks boring is that it probably is. This means it has the same smooth panels as the rest of the house. Why don’t you add a wall of bricks or stone veneer skirt? Modern homes can use stucco for texturing. Your home can have an updated look by adding texture to the exterior. Choose the kind of texture well because you don’t want to change the overall style of your home.


A home’s shutters have to be functional and stylish. Replacing them will improve your home’s curb appeal. There are several styles that will give your home a new look. You can choose between country and mid-century modern styles. To further make the shutters appealing, color them with a different color than the rest of the home’s exterior. Good accent colors are bright red, royal blue, and forest green.


No matter what time of the day, make sure that neighbors and passersby will notice the façade of your house. That means adding exterior lighting to help illuminate its features. You can install overhangs beneath your roof, as well as string lights in the garden. Make sure you have pin lights for the corners, too. The lights will add a soft glow to your home at night.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to give your home an improved exterior. A couple of these things will dramatically make your home look a whole lot better. You don’t have to force it. Choose what works for your budget and slowly add to it.

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