Make Your Interior Decor Pop Using 2019’s Pantone Color of the Year

palette of colors

palette of colors

Living coral or Pantone 16-1546 is the official Pantone color of the year in 2019, the Pantone Color Institute revealed in early December. Pantone describes the coral hue as animating and life-affirming. The color features a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens.

Every year, the institute releases a color of the year, which greatly influences décor and design. Incorporating living coral in your interior design can bring any room to life because of its vibrant, yet mellow hue.

Here are three tips to add a pop of coral to your home for a warm, inviting interior.

1. Get Bright Colors

One ideal way to embrace coral is by coloring your walls. Bold-colored walls have started to take over the minimal white walls in 2018 and this trend may continue in 2019. You may paint all the walls in a room with coral, but you may also choose one to be an accent wall.

When you’ve decided to color an entire room with living coral, say your living room, you can play with different decorative styles that complement the color. Seafoam green and neutral colors, like gray, black, and white, work well with living coral. You may also use accents in yellow and navy for contrast.

But painting your walls with a vibrant color may be a big commitment. If you’re not ready for it, consider using wallpaper. This is a more affordable option as you can find discount wallpaper in different patterns and textures. Using wallpaper is also an excellent way to add a focal point to a room, giving you flexibility to change it when necessary.

2. Add a Touch of Color in Monochromatic Rooms

pantone couch in the living room

Your choice of decorations is another way to give your interior a touch of Pantone 16-1546. A couch or a set of chairs in the coral shade can brighten up a monochromatic room. You can pair it with cobalt blue throw pillows to further enhance its visual appeal.

You may also add coral-colored vases and garden sage pots in various sizes and shapes for interesting accents. Kitchenware and dinnerware, like ceramic pots, plates, and mugs, in coral can also add a pop of color.

Additionally, consider hanging artworks that feature tones of coral. Navy or gray colored walls complement such artworks beautifully because these colors bring out the boldness of 2019’s palette of the year.

3. Create Texture with Textiles

Textiles also offer an opportunity to incorporate coral into your interior. Consider changing your pillowcases in coral hue. You can find coral-colored cases in different fabrics; velvet can present a luxurious feel in living rooms and bedrooms.

You may look for curtains and drapes with this color, too. Coral curtains can give a room a warm mood (think Miami), which suits spring and summer seasons. The curtains can be in solid color or printed ones. Opt for white curtains with coral colored print for a fun approach.

Rugs in coral hue can also be an interesting element in an interior. It can be coral faux fur draped on a chair or at the foot of a bed.

Living coral is an interesting color to look forward to in many designs for 2019. It’s versatile and full of life. Try it for your home.

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