Seven Ways to Hide Exposed Concrete Foundations

Crack on a gray wall

Crack on a gray wallYour home’s foundation is vital to the overall integrity and strength of your property. However, exposed concrete may not be the prettiest look for your home. Decorate your home’s concrete foundation with these seven tips. You can call house foundation contractors to do the job for you, or you can go the DIY route, if you’re so inclined.

1. Mosaics

Turn your home’s exterior into a work of art with a mosaic installation around your concrete foundation. You can do this by covering areas of the foundation with cement-based mosaic mortar and then letting your creativity fly as you press decorative pieces of glass or rock into the cement. Create pictures or patterns to your heart’s desire.

2. Paint

Refresh the look of your home’s exterior by painting the foundation. This simple act can give your home additional curb appeal. Start this project by power washing the foundation, to make sure that there is no debris stuck on the sides before you paint. Any dirt will make your paint job look bumpy. You have the freedom to choose any color that you like, though you should still pick one that complements your home’s overall exterior design. You can opt for the same color to hide the foundation, or a contrasting color to really make it pop and look more decorative.

3. Stucco

Stucco is a fine plaster coating used for walls. It is rot-, rust-, and fire-resistant, and can be finished in a number of ways. It adds a lot of color and texture to the look of your foundation but it won’t interfere with the structure itself.

As with paint, you should power wash your foundation first before you apply the stucco. Place it on your foundation with a trowel and remember to smooth out any bumps.

4. Concrete Stamps

If your foundation has just been poured, decorate it with concrete stamps. Concrete stamps work just like regular stamps: you place it on a surface to impress a pattern or design. Stamps add texture to fresh concrete and can give the appearance of wood, stone, slate, fossils, and whatever pattern you wish.

5. Latticework

Latticework is when strips of wood are interlaced, forming a lattice. You can lean the lattice directly against your foundation walls or secure it on the ground to leave a few inches between it and your foundation. Lattice usually comes in naturally colored wood, though you can still paint it if you want.

6. Decorative Plants

Plants in pot beside the windowYou can also completely hide your foundation by using nature’s gifts. Either plant some bushes in a raised plant bed or place blossoms in containers in front of your foundation. You can easily hide the exposed concrete behind some large plants. For an extra beautiful touch, you should use flowers that match the colors of your house.

7. Wall Match

You can completely hide your foundation by matching the siding of your home’s exterior to the foundation and trimming it all with the same trim. It will give the look that there’s no foundation at all.

With these eight ways to decorate your foundation, you can improve the look and curb appeal of your home. No matter which way you choose for your house, you can be sure that your foundation will look the best that it ever has.

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