Signs Your Water Heater Needs Your Attention

Plumber fixing the water heater

Plumber fixing the water heaterMany people use water heater units daily all over the country. A water heater not only heats up water, but it pumps the heated water and maintains it at a constant temperature in a tank. Many water heaters can last for years, but very few know how to maintain them properly.

Homeowners should know how to check their water heaters, but very few know how. Some would often call professionals when there are problems because they realize the situation has become serious because of negligence and disrepair.

Homeowners should know the best ways to recognize when their water heater is acting up and requires serious or minimal repair. Here are the common signs of a water heater that requires attention.

Water leaking from the bottom

An electric water heater rarely leaks from the bottom. However, when it happens, you must not ignore the problem. You might need to call a contract water heater tank replacement service provider for your Salt Lake City home.

One of the reasons could be that there is condensation due to the difference in temperatures between the tank and the air adjacent to it. Sometimes, the valves open to release excess pressure from the tank. In the process, some water could be expelled to the outside through the overflow pipe and appear like a leak.

This might require a replacement of the time and pressure valve, so ask an expert to check this part of your water heater.

The water is not heated and does not release hot water

Plumber fixing the water heater using a wrenchIf the water heater is turned on, but hot water does not come out of the heater or the tank. One possible reason is that the circuit breaker has slipped out of place. Another reason could be your thermostat needs an adjustment. This usually happens when the water becomes too hot.

If these two seem not to be the reasons, then it could be that the heating element is not functioning. You could check the condition of the circuit breaker box, thermostat or the heating element. If you need to have any of these parts replaced, it’s best to call a professional.

The heater makes strange noises

Often, water heater noises are harmless. But you should have them checked because many things could make noises in a water heater. It can be that the heating elements are stuffed with scale, or the bottom of the tank is full of sediments. Another reason could be a leak. But the most common one is uneven contraction and expansion of water delivery pipes caused by excess pressure in the tank.

Rusty water comes out of the heater

If the water that comes out of your heater has a rusty color, it is a sign that the water heater is rusting from the inside. This is also a sign that the heater could leak soon. You could do a test on your water heater to check whether the pipes or the water heater is rusty. Drain five gallons of water out of the water heater. If the water that comes out is still rusty, it’s most likely that the water heater is in disrepair.

Like many appliances, your water heater is only effective when you conduct regular maintenance and upkeep. But if you can’t do it on your own, you should hire a professional to check up on it on a regular basis. Otherwise, you may have to replace the entire system in after a short period.

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