Worthy Additions to a Simple Home: Projects for the Bored

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Since the lockdowns began, everyone went on full speed to repair, remodel, and reconfigure their dwelling places. It is not a surprising move, for sure. Everyone is starting to realize that there is a high chance we will be spending more time in the new normal. People will be spending the majority of the time inside their own homes in this new future. Some are even saying that the entire trajectory of the future has changed because of the pandemic.

A lot of introspection has gone on because of the shifting of trends. Suddenly, people realized that work could be done at home, the environment could take a break, and socializing should be treasured even more. Millions are adjusting to doing all the work from home. It is more economical, in theory.

The pandemic is here to stay for years to come. Even if the vaccine reaches every person around the globe, the virus is predicted to live on for the next seven years. According to Bloomberg, even with the collective defense of herd immunity, weeding the entire strain of the virus completely will be difficult. Like previous pandemics, there is no telling how much the virus will mutate into something more dangerous. While we hold our breath, we have no choice but to stay put inside our homes.

Since we have no other option than to stay inside our homes, we should make our stay inside them as cozy, as comfortable, and as productive as possible. There are millions of things you can do to your home, but only a few will stand out.

What are the worthy additions you can make to your home?

Adding Skylight

Adding your dream skylight over your living room or garage is one of the easiest and most affordable additions you can get for your home. The addition of a skylight is very economical, and it will light your room up easily. Skylights are rooftop additions so that light from the sun can easily enter the room. It is similar to a window for walls but is instead installed on the ceiling. Duralon roofs make excellent skylights for any home. They are cheap, easy to install, and extremely durable. Skylights are classy and are made to withstand the test of the elements.

Building a Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse to grow your own plants is a great way to expend your money. Even with just a small plot of land (or even just a garage), one can build a greenhouse. Greenhouses are small structures that can house several plants. With a greenhouse, you can control the humidity, the temperature, and the amount of water the plants receive.

It will also be protected from the elements such as harsh sunlight and pests. Greenhouses are what we can do to move forward to self-reliance and to curb the spread of extreme urbanization. By building a greenhouse, you can grow your own food and have the flexibility to sell your excess, as well. Growing plants is also very rewarding and relaxing.

Constructing a Barbecue Pit


Constructing your own outside barbecue pit will not remain a dream if you do something about it. A barbecue pit is one of the unique things you can do in your backyard. Constructed with the right amount of protection from the elements, you will have the space to cook for the entire extended family and a spillover of some friends.

Having a barbecue pit where all the dirty grilling of meats can be done will ensure that the inside kitchen remains clean. A barbecue pit will ensure that all the guests you invite to your home will have enough to eat. Grilling meats also makes you eat less fat. Grilling is overall a healthier alternative to just merely frying your food in unhealthy cooking oil.

Building an Entertainment Center

Constructing an entertainment center that is complete with all the latest gadgets is one thing you can do to spice up your home. The entertainment center is where most of the time is spent — if not the bedroom. A worthy addition of the latest appliances is necessary to make sure you receive the full blast of entertainment you and your family need in this trying time.

The littlest concessions must be accommodated when spending for an entertainment center. It must also be ready to adapt to the latest technological trends that come up once every few years. An entertainment center is crucial for a bored family stuck inside for an unimaginable amount of time.

The pandemic is here to stay. You and your family are here to stay, as well. While locked up, mini-projects can occupy your time and make your stay inside as comfortable as possible. Maximize the space you are given by adding these worthy additions to your home.

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