Smart Ways to Protect Your Home from Fire

fire extinguisher

Our home is our most precious investment. We slave over it in the office. We look for side jobs that can help us pay the mortgage. We take care of it. We upgrade it when needed. We spend money on its interior to make it feel homey and relaxing. It’s our sanctuary. It’s the one place we feel safe. In no time should we ever feel that we are unsafe in our home. That’s why we take measures to protect it from burglars and natural disasters.

One of the things you should do if you want to protect your home from fire is to check out insulated roof panels in Brisbane or other cities. Consider replacing insulated panels for your roof, wall, and ceiling. Make sure that the panels have a fireproof core so that they can protect your home from fire. That should allow you to sleep better at night.

Fire safety and security should be a national concern. Back in 2015, the National Fire Prevention Agency reported $7 billion in damages, 2,650 deaths, and 11,075 injuries. Those numbers don’t account for the firefighters who lost their lives or were injured for saving people and properties. Homeowners should take precautionary measures to prevent wildfires from spreading and normal fires from happening.

Clear Your Home’s Surroundings of Combustible Materials

During the summer season, when the leaves have dried and fallen to the ground, make sure to clear them off every day. The glare from the sun can burn the leaves and start a small fire. This can spread fast and affect your home and your neighbors’ homes.

Store Flammable Products Properly

Many household products are flammable. Your hairspray and shaving cream, for example, are flammable. Read the labels. The details are there. Make sure to keep them away from heat. Store them in a cool and dry place and never under direct sunlight. Paint and gasoline cans should also be kept away from hot temperatures. If you are storing gasoline, make sure to use containers suited for it.

Be a Responsible Smoker

Don’t smoke inside the house. You can fall asleep on the couch and unknowingly set the couch on fire. When smoking outside, use an ashtray or safe receptacles for your cigarette butts. Never throw the used butts on the ground because it can start a small fire.

Install an Alarm System

smoke detector

Invest in a high-quality alarm system that will detect smoke and alarm you of it. If you’re always outside the house, check out fire alarm systems that will warn you through your phone if something goes wrong in your house. That will enable you to call for help immediately. You should check smoke detectors regularly to make sure that they work. Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, too, for small fires that may happen.

Stay in the Kitchen

Don’t start cooking unless you’re absolutely sure that you can stay in the kitchen and watch the stove. If you need to leave the room, turn off the stove first. Remove things near the stove that can be accidentally set on fire. Is there a curtain in your kitchen? Make sure that it doesn’t hang over the stove. Don’t rest kitchen towels on the pan or pot, too.

Keeping your home safe is your responsibility. No one’s going to do it for you. Make sure to check off the items on this list to keep your property safe.

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