The Increasing Importance of Plumbing



The plumbing industry has been evolving for many years, from the time sanitation problems prompted its emergence, to now when plumbers and products are markedly different from those of the past. Today’s plumber is much more than just a person that handles toilet or kitchen blockages. With the latest technology and relevant knowledge, plumbers can fix the sewerage system for the entire facility. Here are some of the developments that continue to make plumbing by experts even more reliable.

Increased Value of the Plumber

Compared to 50 years ago, today’s plumber is probably more than 10 times more valuable. One notable contributor to this is the fact that older plumbers have since retired, and the entrants to the trade are far much fewer. Owing to this, plumbing labor has become extremely valuable.

Cost Efficient Products

Plumbing expenses have understandably skyrocketed, but the industry has been trying to create a balance. That balance has come in the form of products that are more cost-efficient as compensation. For instance, we rarely see heavy metal pipes in installations. Instead, the material of choice for most plumbers at companies like Expert Plumbic, Heating, Air and Electrical in  Salt Lake City is plastic. The material is not only lighter but also easier to install — the copper and cast iron of the past needed to undergo brazing or sweating, processes that have been replaced with gluing and crimping for plastic pipes.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Alongside more affordable plumbing products, the trend now is towards solutions that promote conservation. The major aim of modern plumbing solutions is water conservation. Considering the toilet remains the biggest water consumer in the home, even the slightest improvement can enhance savings immensely. That is why modern plumbing features innovative designs, for instance, the dual plumbing system. Since conservation is not just about water, composting toilets are also gaining popularity, especially for their impact on public health. Other solutions are solar-powered flushing, automatic faucets and thermostatic mixing valves, among others.

Abundant Cleaning Products

Plumbing has also improved thanks to the emergence of numerous household cleaning products. Drain unclogging chemicals, antibacterial agents and heavy-duty cleaners have made plumbing easier. Having such a variety is crucial for a healthy system. For instance, beneficial bacteria may be necessary for a plumbing system in some instances, so steering from chemical cleaning solutions can be helpful. The entrance of this idea has transformed plumbing a great deal.

Brain Pipes


Some leakages can be so hidden that they trouble even the best plumbers in Salt Lake City. That is the case until the plumber adopts brain pipes- a type of pipes that can detect leakage and send an alert immediately. Undetected leakages lead to high losses, so the arrival of brain pipes is a welcome relief. These pipes also prevent serious damage because they detect the leak when it is still small. Thanks to this technology, expenses for mold removal or water damage restoration are saved.

Plumbing is loaded with trends that the modern customer cannot afford to ignore. The solutions are a pointer to not only today’s unique challenges but also the increased importance of the plumber. It is recommendable, therefore, to take your good time when choosing the best plumbers in Salt Lake City.

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