Three Ways to Incorporate Plywood Into Your Space

Stacked thick plywood

Stacked thick plywoodWith durability, flexibility and aesthetic appeal being the common praises for plywood, it is no wonder it has become one of the ‘it’ materials in any architectural project. Any homeowner looking for a cost-efficient material to use might want to put plywood on top of the list of must-have items in their interiors.

1. Accessories and Shelves

Since plywood adds warmth to a space, one technique of incorporating it without necessarily making it the main star of your space is to use plywood for interior on shelves and accessories.

Shelving can benefit the homeowner in two ways. Exposed shelving already adds a level of design to the space, and making use of plywood for these areas gives the section a pop of warmth that does not border on overwhelming. These small details will add a sense of cosiness without taking away any modern elements for a fresher but still homey vibe.

What is great about wooden accessories is that they can be paired with other materials, given their raw and basic appeal. Plywood can go with steel, glass, marble and even concrete, depending on the home’s main style.

2. Flooring Material

House with wooden floor and ceilingThe beauty of plywood is that its uses go beyond walls or shelves. Homeowners can use plywood for flooring. Plywood is durable enough to be used on floors. The key is sealing it to prevent damage. This means putting more clear lacquer beyond the regular amount for flooring to protect it from dents that can be obtained from too much traffic in that area.

It also helps to make sure that the traffic that your plywood floor will endure avoids heels and other sharp treads on shoes, so allot plywood only in areas that are private or for intimate use. You can use plywood for your living room and bedroom, for instance, and any other areas where you would otherwise use hardwood.

3. Smart Dividers

Homeowners have a love-hate relationship with dividers. The advent of the open space home has torn down walls and dividers of room for modern homes. Yet it cannot be denied that there are times when you need even a hint of privacy in a space, and this is where a divider can come in very handy.

Whether you are looking to bring in temporary privacy or add dividers as a form of texture or design element, you cannot go wrong with using plywood. Because of its unassuming and neutral colour, plywood can provide privacy without ruining the full look of the space. A clever way to use dividers in a modern space is to make it bespoke using geometric shapes. This makes the space a little more playful and boosts its modern appeal. Just make sure this matches the space’s design to avoid a loud contrast.

Plywood is undoubtedly a versatile material for any interiors. More modern spaces are emerging with this material as the main character, regardless if plywood is used for accents or centrepieces. With proper treatment and quality material, plywood can transform your space with a touch of warmth and quirk.

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