Time-Saving Home Remodeling Hacks to Consider

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Homeowners are often advised on how to save money on home remodeling. But if you’re tight on time instead of a budget, you’d need more guidance on how to transform your space without the results looking rushed.

Taking your time may be necessary for remodeling, but if you can’t live somewhere else for long, then the project has to be finished as soon as it can.

You don’t have to resort to mediocre services and cheap finishes to work fast. Just note these time-saving tricks below, and your new space will look as if it has gone through a year-long makeover:

Focus On Remodels That’ll Increase Your Home’s Value

If you plan on selling your home in the future, focusing on the essential remodels will let you earn hefty profits. But this doesn’t mean overhauling your entire kitchen and bathroom. Besides time-consuming, full-scale remodels don’t necessarily raise the value.

Hence, identify only the minor problems, or the features on your bathroom or kitchen that may repel buyers. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are dated, they’re likely on the shorter end. But instead of replacing them, which can take time, extend them upward to maximize their storage capacity.

Focus on the countertops as well. If your budget permits it, go for a luxurious granite or marble, though either isn’t necessarily a buyer’s top choice. So include cheaper materials such as laminate, solid surface, or quartz in your options, too. T

But if replacing your countertops will take too much time, try honing them on-site. Enlist a master artisan to wet sand your counters (typically works well on glossy granite), and it’ll look like a modern matte granite or soapstone as a result.

Repaint With The Right Products

If your painting tools consist of a plastic sheet paint dropper, paint rollers, and different kinds of paintbrushes, replace those or add new items to your kit.

Swap a plastic sheet paint dropper for a canvas one. That saves you time and reduces mess, because canvas absorbs the spills, keeping it from leaving tracks on the clean floor.

And instead of only relying on paint rollers and brushes, use a paint sprayer for the larger work areas. Browse Ryobi Protip sprayer reviews or that of any other brand online, and choose a product that’ll suit your requirements best.

For your paint product, select a latex interior paint that hides best with one coat, and preferably a “green” one, meaning a product with only 50 grams per liter of volatile organic compounds. And as you start painting, apply a specialized, low-tack painter’s tape around the edges. Keep away from the masking tape because it may peel off the new coat.

Replace Hardware

installing cabinet handles

New hardware can instantly change the tone of your home. They don’t come cheap, though, but at least, you can finish the project fast if you realize that they’re just the makeover you need. Plus, they’re easy to DIY.

Check out your cabinet handles, doorknobs, hinges, latches, and other visible hardware. If they’re dated or simply look unappealing, invest in a new set, and you could be done already.

Prepare a Timeline

If you’re really in a rush,prepare a timeline with a day-by-day or and week-by-week target. Ensure that you’re meeting the goals you’ve set and that no two jobs will clash. If builders are involved, ascertain that they’re well aware of their respective schedules.

You may meet some setbacks along the way, hence don’t forget to make a detailed plan. DIY most of the process, if possible, because not only will it save you bucks, but it will also allow you to be more in control of your time.

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