Un-Quick and Dirty: Three Reasons Your Bathroom is Hard to Clean

Bathroom with white toilet and sink

Bathroom with white toilet and sinkBathrooms collect clutter and filth faster than any other area in the house. That’s why many homeowners make it a priority to clean it at least once a week in hopes of making the next clean-ups easier and faster. In some cases, no matter how diligent you are with your weekly scrubbing, wiping, mopping, and disinfecting, cleaning still takes ages to finish. If that’s the case, it might be because of these reasons:

1. Mold builds up fast

As bathrooms are almost always wet, moisture and humidity cause those nasty mold spores to grow only within days. When you clean them the previous week, you could be seeing them again the next week in your walls, shower curtains, sealant, and grout. As a result, you’d repeat having to soak those curtains in warm water and brush those walls and grout, which could take forever.

What you need to do is to prevent mold buildup. How? Through proper ventilation. The easiest way to ventilate is to leave windows slightly open when you’re using the shower or the bathtub. The light passing through the windows can also curb mold growth. Another thing you can do is to install a new exhaust fan and consider getting a dehumidifier.

2. Fixtures get “cloudy”

Plumber fixing the faucetMany homes in Utah are in hard water area, resulting in limescale or the whitish deposits in taps, shower screens, and shower heads. These minerals are hard to remove, as they cause chemical reactions with cleaning solutions, rendering the latter less effective and making you scrub and rub to no avail.

If you do manage to get rid of the limescale, chances are you’ve scraped off not just the hard minerals, but also the finish of the material underneath, which damages the fixture. In glass shower doors, there are even stains that permanently stay.

Hard water isn’t just unfriendly to fixtures, it’s unfriendly with all types of plumbing since it clogs the pipes. To avoid such hard-to-remove limescale, use water softeners that Bountiful experts provide. Soft water is easy on fixtures and appliances, so limescale will be one less worry taken off your busy schedule.

3. Bathtubs not rinsed out

Of course, nobody ever really washes the bath after a night of pampering. That just spoils the essence of relaxing. However, don’t be surprised if you find dry, hard grime on the tub’s surface. Those are what’s left from the bath bombs and oils you used, which are — as you know — difficult to remove.

What you should do is to do the unromantic chore of washing the tub every after use. Fill up the bath with warm water, add scoops of washing powder, and leave it soaked overnight. Rinse it before bathing the next day. Try to keep soaps away from bathtub surfaces, as well.

Bathroom chores are just a reality of life, but that doesn’t mean it has to take so much of your precious time each week. The best way to make cleaning easier is prevention. Work smarter, not harder by keeping clutter, grime, and filth off your bathrooms.

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