What Is the Deal Between Marble and Granite?

marble floors

Picture a bathroom’s interior, and you will instantly think about square tiles laid out evenly on the walls and floors. It would be rare to encounter patterns other than the square grid that you are used to seeing. Those grid lines are actually made of grout, a material that is used to fill in the gaps between tiles. As time goes by, dirt and mold would accumulate along those lines, so you need to contact professionals who specialize in grout maintenance in Seattle. When regular scrubbing and cleaning does not work anymore, you can let them take over to make that grout surface clean again.

When it comes to bathrooms, how luxurious do you want them to look? While there are high-quality tiles that have fantastic designs that you can use, consider using either marble or granite. These are two stone materials that can help add a bit more prestige to your bathroom. How different are they from each other?

First, a Word about Seals

Marble and granite are natural formations from volcanic activities. This means that they are basically rocks, and they are porous. Your bathroom needs waterproof surfaces for it to function properly and maintain its cleanliness. When you order slabs of either of these rocks, you will need to apply a sealing solution to cover and even out those pores. This will now give you a smooth and water-resistant surface. This can fade over time, so you need to reapply the solution every year or so keep them in tip-top shape.


This rock is known for its patterns that can resemble the nerves or lightning. These contrast against the base color, which can range from lighter fare such as beige to dark ones such as black. Marble is said to be less durable than granite, thus making it more susceptible to chips and scratches. But overall, both are pretty tough materials. You cannot go wrong with either, especially if you are careful not to drop things.


granite tilesGranite, like many other formations, is made of other smaller rocks. These have spent many years being compressed into a layer of soil, thereby forming into another type of material that is granite. This makes it look distinctly different from marble. You are not just looking at swirls or curves here. You may get patterns that resemble little rocks or pebbles that have different colors or specks that look like stars in the night sky. As far as prices go, granite is generally cheaper than marble.

Other Points to Consider

Logistically speaking, tiles are easier to pack and transport. They are manufactured and molded into regular shapes, but you would be limited in terms of creativity when the time comes to install them in your house. With marble or granite, you can have them in larger slabs, which will be perfect if you want to make a surface look as seamless as you can. You would not want to waste much of those either, so you have to plan to lay them out well and avoid trimming their excesses as much as possible.

When it comes to aesthetics, you have great options. Do not just get marble or granite because they are more expensive. You need to evaluate if there is a certain look that you want to achieve and the materials that you are thinking of will fit them. Keep this in mind, and you should be satisfied with the end result, whether you chose granite, marble, or tiles.

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