What to Do When Your Garage Door Fails

a red garage door

a red garage door

When did your garage door start acting up? It’s time for a replacement. In the olden days, when homes weren’t as automated, you could unlock them with a hammer and chisel. Nowadays, you have to call a technician. That’s the beauty in automated doors. Aren’t they a double-edged sword? Here are a few quick fixes for a jammed door. Try them before calling your trusted handyman. Perhaps you can save a few bucks.

1. The door rattles

Tired of those rusty, creaky metallic noises? They’re probably emanating from the hinges. Oil them up. It’s that easy. Noisy automatic garage doors are a nuisance—more so when you’re sleeping in the next room. Put on your favourite apron and get a can of WD-40. Generously spray on the hinges. They’ll stop rattling faster than you think. Don’t ignore the other moving components, either. Worn-out bolts may be the culprits. Replace them if needed. You’re the judge. Besides, you’ll earn a few manly points for troubleshooting things on your own.

2. The door won’t unlock

Is it freezing outside? Ice and cold do more harm than good to garage doors. An efficient door should be convenient—opens and closes as required. The door may refuse to budge when it freezes to the garage floor. When this happens, most of us panic and hit the opener button, unknowingly creating a future disaster. Never force-open the door as you may damage the inner workings of the mechanism. This often results in stripped gears and worn-out motors.

3. The glass panes have been broken

Glass panes often break for the flimsiest reasons. With a missing pane, you’re essentially inviting hornets (and birds) into your garage. Are you ready to call a fumigator? Besides, thieves can capitalise on this security breach, too. Luckily, glass panes are easy to replace. It takes a visit to the nearest glass mart. Get putty to get them patched up. Any half-decent contractor can fix this.

4. The remote has stopped working

Have you checked the batteries? Are they dead? No, pressing the buttons harder won’t work. In fact, you may put too much pressure on the circuit board. If the wall switch works but the remote doesn’t, you need to replace the remote. In Brisbane, there are many companies expert in garage door remote replacement. Contact the nearest one. They will troubleshoot the radio transmitter and issue replacements if deemed irreparable. Even though the transmitter’s’ cover is hardy, the internal components may fail at the slightest drop.

5. The door is out of adjustment

a garage

The typical garage door is made of mild steel, a relatively dense material. It’s not a surprise that garage doors are often misaligned. With time, the springs loosen up, putting pressure on the motor. When this happens, the gear mechanism has to work twice as hard increasing the risk of failure.

Start by lubricating the hinges. Penetrating oil works best. The hinges should be oiled monthly. Using a spanner, ensure that all the bolts and nuts are secure. The track runs on rollers. When they wear out, the door won’t open or close. Inspect them regularly.

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