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Mekhilta: Text and Translation. 3 vols. Philadelphia, 1933-5. *LEVERTOFF, PAUL, Sifre to Numbers (TED). London, 1926. MELAMED, E. , Halakic Midrashim of the Tannaim in the Talmud. Pt. 1. Jerusalem, 1933. *WINTER, JAKOB, Sifra: halachischer Breslau, 1938. Midrasch zu Leviticus. 156 MARCUS [60] d. TARGUMS ALBECK, CHANOCH,"Extraneous Legal Matter in the Pales- tinian Targumim and the Haggadah" [in Hebrew]. Lewin Volume, 93-104. iitta und palastinensisches Targum Bib. Z. 19, 257-70. *CHURGIN, PINCHES, Targum Jonathan to the Prophets.

An Acrostic Poem in Praise of Judas Maccabaeus ( I Macc. iii. 1-9)". JTS 21 (1920) 319-25. BURNEY, ETTELSON, H. , The Integrity of 1 Maccabees (TA 27). New Haven, 1925. 249-384. , Das erste Buch der Makkabier (AA). Miinster, 1921. , "Die Kriegselephanten im Isten Makkabaerbuche". ZAW N. F. 11 (1934) 78-9. SCHWABE, M. , "Zum Texte der Serenosepisode im I Makk. und bei Josephus". MGWJ 72 (1928) 202-4. , "Three Troublesome Proper Names in First Maccabees". JBL 53 (1934) 31-3. RAHLFS, t. , "Der Text der Psalmen Salomos".

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