Gutter Construction: Which is Better, Sectional or Seamless

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Are gutters important to your home ? Of course, they are! If your home does not have gutters, rainwater that falls off the roof will hit the ground and splash up onto the outer wall of your home. This can eventually cause rotting which of course means expensive repairs in the future. That’s the reason why gutters are important. There are two main gutter construction designs —seamless and sectional. Sectional gutters, as the name suggests, are sold in sections that are usually ten feet long. Snap-in-place connectors are used to join the sections of the gutter and the downspout. Seamless rain gutters , on the other hand, are made at the job site using a portable gutter machine. You can customize the length based on what you need.

Benefits of Choosing a Seamless Gutter

As already mentioned, sectional gutters are joined at the seams. The disadvantage of this design is that water will leak at the seams sooner or later, no matter how well-sealed. Sealants used to seal the joints will soon wear out as they are continually exposed to the elements. The main advantage of the seamless design is that there are no seams through which water can leak. It also uses less sealant because they only meet at the corner where they are joined.

  • Less Debris Build-up

Without a gutter cap, both designs are vulnerable to debris build-up. This is a serious maintenance problem because there are a lot of accidents every year associated with cleaning the gutter. A lot of people suffer serious injuries because they fall off the roof while cleaning the debris that has gathered in their gutters. The main advantage of the seamless design is that it has no ridges at the seams. These ridges can trap debris and hold water, so eliminating them lessens the chance of debris build-up. If you want to totally avoid debris build-up, have a gutter cap professionally installed.

  • More Aesthetically Pleasing

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Let’s face it, gutters joint at the seams are ugly. You can improve them with a high-quality finish, but that’s another added expense. On the other hand, there is no denying that seamless gutters just look better because of the lack of joints. Since these are created according to the specific dimensions of your roof, all your gutters are identical throughout. This uniformity adds to the appeal.

  • Cost-effective in the Long Run

Initially, the installation of seamless gutters might be more costly compared to the sectionals. But if you take into consideration the maintenance of both designs, seamless would come out to be less expensive in the long run. Over the years, you will find out that you will be shelling out less money on repair and replacement.

  • Easier to Install

The most time-consuming aspect of gutter installation is putting the joints together. Since there are no joints in the seamless design except on the corners, the installers will have an easier time overall. This will translate to savings especially if you’re paying by the hour.

So, is it seamless or sectional? Your choice will ultimately depend on your specific needs. But as far as features are concerned, it seems that you will probably do better with the seamless design. When the time comes to replace your existing gutters, consider the advantages of seamless over sectional.

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