Splash In: Creative Ways to Spice Up a Pool Party

Pool party

Swimming is a fun activity. It's an opportunity to relax and be active at the same time. It's also a good way to bring families and friends closer to each other. Who wouldn't be drawn to the swimming pool when it is unbearably hot outside? If there's a special occasion to celebrate, like someone's graduation, engagement, or birthday, you might want to consider getting a good-sized swimming pool where everyone can jump in and still have a place to chill.

For starters, make sure that the pool has gone through a good maintenance check by your local pool company. In Columbus, Ohio, there are several good options to choose from. After the maintenance, you can decide the theme. It will dictate the kind of inflatables, pool toys, and decorations that you will need to buy or borrow or possibly even make. To make your pool party a unique experience, here are some themes you might want to try out.

Color Themes

This idea goes well with birthday parties and anniversaries because of its simplicity and poignancy. For whom is the party, and what is their favorite color? The next thing to do is buy decorations and toys that have that color. Different shades can look pleasant to the eye as well. Consider using two-color combinations in pool games, such as ones that need teams.

Animal Inflatables

Your party theme doesn't have to be about a real animal. For instance, unicorns are the craze right now, and it's easy to find unicorn balloons and floaties anywhere. This idea works exceptionally well for kids' parties. Plus, they're adorable as decorations and toys. Other animal options include dinosaurs, bears, zebras, dogs, or farm animals in general. Flamingos are another overlooked option — they're elegant, tasteful, and feminine.

Night Parties

Not all pool parties are meant for the day. Summer nights are ideal for pool parties, not just because of the tolerable temperature but also because of the limitless possibilities one can think of when it comes to adding lights. Glowsticks of different colors or pre-installed colored pool lights will spike up the party mood. They're great to the eye and keep people energetic. These decorations are also a sure recipe for tons of great memories.

Active Themes

Do you want to peel kids away from their electronic devices? Add some games to your pool party. Make the kids form teams, get into their competitive side, and play ball games with inflatable ones. Inflatable dodgeball can be an alternative to pool volleyball.

Another thing one can do is throw coins to the bottom of the pool for kids to dive and retrieve. Or, you can litter the pool with a variety of toys to choose from. Slides and hoops are also good options for a fun-filled party.

Swimming can be inexpensive, fun, and healthy. It is an exciting activity for people of all backgrounds and ages. It is a reliable summer go-to, and one has only to stretch their mind to make their pool party stand out. Preparation takes time, but it's worth the effort. Everyone can go home with great memories of a pool party.

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