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Clock a low flying airplane. • Set the car mounted unit to calibrate and the unit will read what ever the police car speed is at the time. Please keep in mind that these are extremely isolated cases. Nearly all of the radar traffic ticket cases will nothing more in court than one or two of the main fifteen errors. You need to have some extremely solid evidence before you try to win your case based on some form of the officer cheating. Typical Cross Examination Questions In the Cross Examination section of Chapter Six it was pointed out that the key to a successful cross examination is to focus on as many small details as possible.

These two differences account for why a traffic radar unit can only determine the approximate speed of the target. Unlike rotating antenna radar, traffic radar can not determine which object is being tracked or even which direction the object is traveling. The third difference in the two systems is the digital display for the traffic radar versus the cathode ray screen display of the rotating antenna systems. The traffic system operates in three specific band widths or frequency areas: X Band (11 GHz), K Band (24 GHz) and Ka Band (32 - 36 GHz).

20. Do you ever use the automatic speed lock function? If he says “no”, ask the question again and emphasize the word “ever” while giving the officer a skeptical look. If he still says no, end this question section here. If he says yes, press on. 21. About what percent of the time do you use the automatic speed lock function? Note the amount. 22. Do you find the automatic speed lock convenient? Of course it is. 23. Do you use the automatic speed lock for any other reasons? This should be interesting.

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