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7 Its Fontana Mix—Feed cd contains two unreleased performances of Cage’s Fontana Mix as well as the four performances of Fontana Mix that originally appeared on a 1966 lp on the obscure Mass Art Inc. 8 The result is that instead of there being only the one Cage and one Stockhausen realization on the original Electronics and Percussion lp , suddenly there are separate, complete cd s dedicated to six versions of Cage’s Fontana Mix and four versions of Stockhausen’s Zyklus. Listeners can now experience an hour’s worth of Neuhaus’s performances of a single piece.

Where 1 million record players had been sold in the United States in 1927, only 40,000 were sold in 1932. 30 By 1932, the window had closed on most record labels’ brief interest in releasing records by all variety of rural musicians. Unlike collections of field recordings of traditional music such as those made by John and Alan Lomax, the Anthology consists exclusively of songs that first appeared on commercially released records. Surely this is at the heart of the Anthology’s ability to fascinate: the fact of communities representing themselves to themselves through recorded music.

14 From 1960 until 1973, Brown served as producer and a&r (“artist and repertoire”) director for the Contemporary Sound Series, a group of lp re8 / Introduction leases that first appeared on the Time record label, and were subsequently reissued when the project resumed on Mainstream Records. Between 1961 and 1963, Brown produced ten Contemporary Sound Series albums for Time that include works by Cage, Feldman, Stockhausen, Mauricio Kagel, Luigi Nono, Luciano Berio, Lou Harrison, Christian Wolff, and Brown himself.

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