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41, 49–50). Since these “titles” were conditional on a close relationship to the king, the bearer had privileged access, with the title being an expression of precisely that. These proofs of favor were partly handed down by the Persians. However, they could be withdrawn at any time and had to be confirmed by each new ruler—in contrast to the practice at the Achaemenid court, where ranks and titles increasingly became hereditary and the court itself a closed society. It is evident that marks of rank—such as a purple robe or golden ornament bestowed by the 17 Note in this connection the discourse of the famous priestly decrees (Pfeiffer 2004); also Moyer (this volume).

8 See Sherwin-White and Kuhrt 1993 132, 150, with Mittag and Boiy, forthcoming; cf. Moyer (this volume) for Ptolemaic Egypt. 9 Pressure to adopt Greek names and to behave as Greeks would have been great. 12 Also among the courtiers were poets, intellectuals, political exiles, and others—expatriate Greeks and Macedonians who had diverse interests and whose only means of maintaining their position against competitors was to enjoy the king’s favor. 15 The kings were aware of their implicit dependence on success (Gehrke 1983).

Court, chora, and culture 39 BIBLIOGRAPHY Abdalla, Aly. 1994. ” In The Unbroken Reed: Studies in the Culture and Heritage of Ancient Egypt in Honour of A. F. Shore, ed. Christopher Eyre, 1–24. London: Egypt Exploration Society. Allam, Shafik. 1991. ” JEg. Arch. 77:109–27. Bernand, André. 1992. La prose sur pierre dans l’Égypte hellénistique et romaine. 2 vols. Paris: CNRS. Bernand, Étienne. 1969. Inscriptions métriques de l’Égypte gréco-romaine: recherches sur la poésie épigrammatique des grecs en Égypte.

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