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By W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy

HIV/AIDS is everybody's enterprise. this present day, it's extra a subject of society, than an issue of medicine...In this daring try out that searches for sociological suggestions, the gripping actual lifestyles tales of sixty migrant labourers residing with HIV/AIDS in rural Tamil Nadu, India, were documented. Their socio-psychological elements were analyzed utilizing the most recent fuzzy mathematical instruments like Fizzy Cognitive Maps, Bidirectional Associative stories, and Fuzzy Relational Maps. as a result have to symbolize the area, Neutrosophy (the philosophy of neutralities) and its hooked up constitution, Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps, were hired for his or her distinctive skill to deal with indeterminacy among concepts.Presented in a lucid demeanour, this publication is a crucial contribution to HIV/AIDS literature.

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RB-FCM provide 2 kinds of Concepts (Levels and Variations), several kinds of Relations (Causal, Inference Common, similarity, ill-defined, Crisp, Level-Variation, and other common relations), and mechanisms that support invariant and time-variant probabilities, the possibility of subsystems including decision support systems to simulate the process of decision making by “actors” within the system [19-23]. With the introduction of mechanisms presented in this paper, which allow the modeling of delays and inhibition of certain relations when they have no influence on a given instant, RB-FCM can deal with timing issues and become a tool to represent and analyse the dynamics of qualitative systems.

C. Lee et al suppose that the strategic goal to be pursued is a market share. 4. 4, an initial version of FCM matrix can be built as in Table 1. The description of notations is given below: • • : Market Share • • : Competitiveness • • : Quality Control • • : Sales Price • • : Productivity • • : Market Demand • • : Economic Conditions • • : Competitor’s Advertisements +1 : Positive cause-and-effect 0 : No cause-and-effect –1 : Negative cause-and-effect 30 Table 1. Initial version of FCM matrix Cause •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• Effect •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 –1 –1 –1 –1 +1 +1 –1 +1 After considering the expert’s collective opinion, the initial version of FCM matrix can be converted into a following refined version of FCM matrix in which causal values fall between –1 and 1.

Let V be a numerical vector of n elements, and let ν be an element in V. Then the user can provide the upper threshold (αu) so that ∀υ (υ ≥ αu) ⇒ (χυ = 1) ∀υ (υ ≤ αu) ⇒ (χυ = 0). When researching relation between two variables, the important question is: how closely are they related? The closeness of relation between two vectors is based on the concept of distance between vectors. The implementation of this concept in our system requires different computation for vectors, which are directly related, and vectors, which are inversely related.

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