4 Awesome Ways to Incorporate Ottomans Into Your Interior Design

White ottoman closeup

White ottoman closeupAn ottoman is one of the most underrated types of furniture. They often go unnoticed when the topic is home décor, furnishings and interior design. The truth is that ottomans are very useful and versatile pieces that give you the best of both style and function. They are a great addition to your living room set and to just about any part of the house that needs good furniture.

But considering the fact that you might not be so familiar with ottomans, how could you make it a significant element of your interior design? Consider the following tips and ideas before you buy ottomans in the UK.

1. As a footstool

Starting from its basic use, you can set your ottoman as a decorative footstool or footrest. Thanks to its perfect height and comfortable cushioned surface, you can maximise the comfort and relaxation in your family room. Simply place the ottomans near your favourite couch and you will have more reasons to relax, with your feet well rested and your hands behind your head. This is a good way to release tension and relieve stress after a long day at work.

2. As an open space gem

Minimalist apartment with ottomansOttomans can likewise be a great addition to minimalist homes and open floor plan rooms. They can serve as a versatile seating for the occupants. They come in a wide variety of sizes, so it is easy to find a piece to meet the seating needs of a family or people sharing a living space. When not in use as a chair, your ottoman can be turned into a classy centre table. Place a tray on top of it, so can put a vase or any decorative piece.

3. As living room storage

Ottomans with a hinged top can serve as a storage solution as well. You can use it to keep your living room essentials when not in use. These items may include remote controls, magazines, DVD collections and toys. Other than being a comfortable seat, an ottoman is a space-saving item. It can do wonders in a small living room.

4. As a coffee table

Your ottoman can likewise double as a coffee table. It is a perfect place to display family pictures, magazines and your drink tray. What else can you ask for? It has the perfect height and it is just there right next to your sofa. Of course, you will need a cup of coffee to enjoy your relaxing stay in this comfortable furniture.

These are just some of the many ways you can use an ottoman. It can serve many other purposes. When you buy an ottoman, make sure you get a piece that would complement the existing style of your house. There are plenty of options out there—you can find everything—from ones that match the colour of your living room furniture to those that will stand out as a centrepiece. Check the quality of the piece as well, so you can enjoy the benefits of this versatile furniture for many years to come.

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