3 Improvement Projects for Your Summer Home

summer villa at dawn

Spending time in your summer home reminds you of all the memories your family has created there. The family lunches and late nights chatting about the future have been the highlight of your stays there. But you've also noticed that the home needs a little bit care and a touch of love. Why not take on some home improvement projects to freshen up its look?

These plans range in complexity, but many of them are very simple and require very little time. Also, they are all affordable and will help you increase the beauty and value of your house. You can accomplish many of these projects on the weekend. If you are searching for ways to enhance your curb appeal, this is the compilation for you. If you pick some projects or choose them all, your house will certainly appreciate it.

Give the outside look a lift

The curb appeal of your home is essential. More often than not, this is the initial opinion that people have of your residence. Everyone knows the importance of that first impression. With that in mind, enhancing your curb appeal will make sure that your house exudes an excellent first impression.

Improving the outside appearance of your summer home must be something you've always dreamed of. You imagine better family pictures and just a nicer sight when you drive up each summer. Some changes that give you the best bang for your buck in Suffolk is replacing external doors, repainting the sidings and walls, and maybe even editing the landscaping in your front lawn. Make sure you make changes that harmonize well so you're updating the look but still keeping the spirit of the summer home you've grown to love.

Add some new key furniture

dining hall

The great room and dining hall are two rooms where the family spends the most time making memories in. Why not spruce up these rooms a bit by adding in some new furniture? A new and bigger dining table and chairs just might be what the dining hall needs. Besides, the family has grown over the years. Do away with pulling chairs come meal time and have everyone seated at their own dedicated spaces. The great room, of course, can use a bit of an update too with a new, bigger couch and maybe a refinished mantle for all the photos.

 A good deep clean

A lot of people fail to do deep cleaning in their summer homes precisely because they only use it a couple times a year. Over the years, the house has served you well despite only surface level sweeping and wiping. Why not take on the grand goal of cleaning out the summer home at the beginning of your next vacation? After a good deep clean, you can enjoy the rest of the holiday in clean, sniffle-free bliss.

These three home improvement projects should keep you and your family busy preparing for the summers you'll be spending at this home. Take some time to think of what you want it to look like and have at it. Have fun!

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