4 Indications That an AC Compressor Needs Repair

man checking AC

man checking AC

A working air conditioner is as vital as food or air to breathe. What most people don’t understand is that working air conditioners are not a luxury, especially in homes that have seniors or babies. As such, it is normal to freak out when your air conditioner becomes faulty, especially its compressor. The compressor is an integral part of an air-conditioning unit that changes refrigerant chemicals in a cycle to produce cold air in your home.

The compressor is an essential component of an air conditioning unit. As such, care is necessary for the component to ensure that the entire unit is functioning as required. The compressor is the heart of the air-conditioning unit; thus, it is expensive to repair or replace. Therefore, homeowners ought to watch out for early warning signs of a faulty AC compressor and address it as soon as possible to avoid incurring vast amounts of money on repairs. Call in an expert in AC repair in Seminole once you notice any sign of these signs:

The compressor doesn’t turn on

It all starts when you realize that your home is too hot than the usual or the AC unit is not giving the desired temperature. While the power unit and fan can be functioning, the compressor might not be operational. In that case, your compressor is faulty. You don’t want to wait any longer because a compressor that is not turning on can be a result of various issues. You should hire an AC technician to inspect and repair the compressor as soon as you notice this sign.

The AC stops blowing cold air

If your air-conditioning unit is blowing warm air, yet the condenser seems to be working, then the compressor can be faulty. A faulty AC compressor can’t pump refrigerant through the unit, which results in the lack of cooling power. However, a refrigerant leak can be causing this issue.

Air conditioner blowing warm air

Therefore, you should hire a technician to fix the issue before it affects the other components of the air-conditioning unit.

There are weird noises

Noisy AC units are an indication of trouble. One of the noises you should look out for is a rattling or chattering sound when you turn on the system. The sound can be a result of a worn-out electrical relay that turns on the compressor. A clicking or rumbling noise is an indication that the compressor motor is faulty or the motor that distributes cool air is loose. An AC technician can inspect the compressor to establish the cause of the weird noises and repair the issue.

The circuit breaker keeps on tripping

If the outside condensing unit keeps tripping the circuit breaker and losing power, it is a sign that the compressor requires repair. It results from the overheating of the compressor and from drawing power. Make sure to call an expert once you notice this issue.

Take action immediately when your compressor shows one or more of the signs mentioned above. You shouldn’t try to fix your AC compressor on your own if you are not a trained AC technician. Don’t delay repairs, unless you want to incur additional costs to replace the compressor or the entire AC unit.

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