4 Little Known Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

an electric bill

an electric bill

If your energy bills are a cause for dread in your home, it’s time to employ energy-saving techniques to get their charges down. Aside from the well-known tricks of the trade, here are some unconventional ways to save electricity that you might want to consider.

1. Faucet Aerators

Aerators are that small nifty thing attached unto the faucet heads to create a steady stream and prevent the splashing of water. Aside from its obvious use, these gizmos can help you conserve water and in effect, reduce energy usage because less hot water is used.

2. Water Softener

A water softener is a water-filtering system that removes minerals from hard water. Hard water is known to clog pipes and cause damage to appliances with limescale buildup. If you want your heater, coffee pot, and dishwasher to function more efficiently, Kinetico Utah recommends installing a water softener system. The good thing is that water softeners in Salt Lake City come in a wide range of functionalities to meet your specific needs.

3. Low Emissivity Windows

While heavy drapes or blinds may block the sunlight from entering your living space, you might end up feeling as if you live in a cave. Sunlight can brighten your home and lift your mood, so a better way to let lights in without having your AC going on an overdrive is to have a low emissivity window installed instead. This kind of windows blocks infrared and ultraviolet rays while letting visible lights in.

4. Uncooked Food

Once in a while, you can forgo a cooked meal in favor of a salad or cereals. Munching on some greens will not only help lower the electricity bill, but it’s also good for your health too.

Aside from the common energy-saving tips, these few unorthodox techniques will not only lower the bills, but they also come with lots of benefits.

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