Keeping Your Home Mold-free This Winter

black mold

In winter, the only way to keep warm is to crank up the heater. However, this can also pose a problem indoors. Mold and mildew, which cause allergic reactions and other health issues, thrive in warm and moist conditions.

To prevent poor health and expensive repairs, you need to prepare adequately. Having a reliable 24-hour plumber in Orem to call whenever you have an emergency can help prevent dampening. However, you cannot sit and wait until a problem happens for you to react. These tips can help you prevent mold buildup in your home.

1. Increase Air Circulation

You can quickly improve air circulation by opening your windows. However, this is not an option in a cold climate. One way to reduce moisture is to use a fan and a dehumidifier. Fans allow air circulation and prevent cold air from condensing in your home. A dehumidifier, on the other hand, extracts excess moisture from your home, making it comfortable.

2. Repair Leaks

If your bathroom, kitchen, or basement feels damp, there might be a leak. Check your indoor plumbing regularly to determine the cause of the excessive moisture. Since mold and mildew grow at a rapid pace, you are likely to spot them in places with unattended leaks. Consider calling a plumber if you suspect that there are leaks but are unable to identify them.

3. Keep the Floors Dry

When snow builds up in your entryway, it will make its way inside your home when it melts. Remove snow and use rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpets in your house. These carpets can allow the buildup of moisture in your home, and you will only notice it when there is mold or a wet carpet smell. Switch to smaller rugs and keep your floors dry.

Keeping mold out is a continuous process that can be tiresome. However, if you keep your house dry and ventilated and ensure that there are no leaks, mold won’t grow in your home.

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