3 Safety Tips for Your Garage Door

a red garage door

a red garage door

Garage doors are excellent ways to enhance home security and curb appeal. The convenience that garage doors offer is out of this world. However, studies reveal that garage door injuries have risen to 30,000 in a year. The truth is that they can be dangerous without proper knowledge of purpose and functions. Consequently, people should be aware of garage door safety tips to prevent injuries.

1. Have monthly inspections

One of the best ways to prevent garage door injuries is to carry out monthly checks. Inspect the cables and gears to ensure that everything is functioning as required. While at it, open and close the garage door several times to be sure that all its parts are working correctly. It will help you detect faulty parts or other safety issues. In Salt Lake City, you can hire an expert from garage door service providers, such as Price’s Guaranteed Doors, to fix faulty parts.

2. Keep the opener’s remote away from kids

Children are usually curious about new things, or they don’t understand. They will play with the garage door remote as they explore it. Parents are advised to keep the remote away from kids and explain to them that it is not a toy. It will help keep them safe from garage door injuries.

3. Be careful with your fingers between door sections

If your garage door is manually operated, make sure that you watch for your fingers as you open and close it. You can get injured when your fingers get stuck between door sections. You can prevent garage door injuries by using the door handle to open your garage door or investing in an electrical opener or a door with panels.

The tips mentioned above will help you use your garage door safely and prevent injuries. Additionally, the suggestions will increase the lifespan of your garage door. A technician will repair your garage door if it is not functioning correctly.

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